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Mikami Kan – Hijokaidan

Mikami Kan – Hijokaidan – Mikamikaidan – 三上階段 2CD Chaotic Noise recordings

ltd to 500, comes in a multi panel digipak


Mikami kaidan001

la scène 裸身 CDEP

la scène 裸身 CD-EP コリド “Corridor” Inner Pleasure #9

Second CD with  Atsuo from Boris with Roger Waters  “Cymbaline” cover

The band is actually on Tour in Europe,  believe me their name should grow. This one sounds a little more psychedelic and out with their own composition while their Roger Waters cover is very minimal & personnal. Not long enough (just clocking under 25 ‘) for sure as there’s no false note here !

Comes in a 3 panels digipak with obi


La scene ep001

la scène 裸身 CD 天の赤道  – Ten No Sekido – Inner Pleasure

Subtle and profound Japanese slowcore; It will transport you to the fount via the bowels of the sound. This work is created from a collaboration of Atsuo (Boris), especially inspired by his view about the voice. Each song exudes its presence like a small signpost glowing in the darkness, and its introspective sound swells as a form of therapy.
It features guest guitar by Hideki Yamagiwa (Katurei/Chi to Shizuku) and also guest vocals by Atsuo in 16mins title track “Ten no Sekido” Mastered by Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC).


La scene cd001