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Keiko Higuchi / Manuel Knapp CS

Keiko Higuchi / Manuel Knapp CS Summoning ancient spirits Sloow tapes

Sprawling sublime archaic noise electronics from visual artist Manuel Knapp (C.C.C.C, Tim Blechmann, Government Alpha) and vocal acrobatics by Keiko Highuchi (Albedo Fantastica (with Sachiko) and lots of others). Floating somewhere beyond harsh and hazy psychedelic dreams into the blackness of a Japanese night. Edition of 70 copies.


Zero woman ost Miki Sugimoto

Zero woman – Red Hancuffs Ost – Solid

Interesting soundtrack if you are in Masao Yagi, Ichiro Araki, Shinsuke Kikuchi mid 70’s music with some nice kayo songs by Miki Sugimoto


MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) LP

MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) LP 1983-1986 Camisole records

MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) was a japanese project lead by Takayuki Shiraishi after his first mythical release with BGM on Vanity Records in 1980.
Made with the help of Jun Sonohara it was active between 1983 and 1986 in Tokyo.

This compilation collects nine unpublished tracks from the original tapes and confirms his unique offbeat style ranging from Post-Punk, Dub, and Industrial. It’s completed by “Perpetual Motion” and “Dynamo” previously released in 1983.

All these tracks have been carefully remastered by Krikor Kouchian.   

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, only a few $24

Yonju Miyaoka CDr

Yonju Miyaoka CDr Hurdy-gurdy record collection – Tall Grass records

ltd to 44 copies, sounds sometimes a bit like Haino with the same instrument.


Tokio Hasegawa (Taj Mahal Travellers) LP

Tokio Hasegawa LP (+DL card) “Stone Music” Experimental Room

The first solo album by Tokio Hasegawa, a musician who has been a member of The Taj Mahal Travellers and has lived in the mountains of Tokamachi, Niigata after group activities. He has sharpened his sensibility in response to the beautiful moon and the snowy nature. All acts including Japanese drums, flutes, keyboards, violins, non-instruments, electronic sounds, and butoh that resonate with his singing and playing a rubab. A record of three performances in India, Taiwan, and Niigata, where one of his important works / expressions, “Stone Performance,” was performed, drawing a big soundscape like a universe. The latest record, which was the first historical performance in 45 years with Seiji Nagai, who was an ally and Taj Mahal Travelers, is also completely recorded here. 

Ltd to 300, please note copies came with some slightly bumped /rounded corners and vinyls are lightly warped

$28 , we only have a few