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Strobe Talbot / Jad Fair ltd LP

Strobe Talbot LP “Funland” Moone Records

second edition, opaque blue vinyl featuring morphing hologram,  comes in a silscreened jacket

Stunning edition for a lovely album, this is not japanese but we both love the album and people behind this label.

“Strobe Talbot started as it is now—a trio of Jad Fair, Mick Hobbs, and Benb Gallaher. They were younger in the past (this is typical), but their interpersonal and musical chemistry is very much the same as it was when at their outset. Generally, Benb gambols atop and plotzes upon the drums, Mick enjoys oblique and uniquely appealing rapport with all ilk of spronging stringed things, and Jad issues de facto proclamations with winsome verve from atop the plinth thereby provided. “

$30 only a few

Strobe front  strobe talbotb

strobe talbotc