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Sabu Toyozumi – Itaru Oki LP

Paul Rutherford & Sabu Toyozumi LP “The Conscience” No Business records

After the 5 recent albums on Chap Chap records, one new title recorded by Takeo Suetomi in 1999. Vinyl edition is limited to 300 and a good half is for the japanese market, so don’t wait too long as the pricing is more than reasonable.

CD – $10

LP $15

Rutherford Toyozumi LP

Itaru OkiNobuyoshi InoChoi Sun Bae LP “Kami Fusen” No Business records

Stunning concert recorded in 1996, also ltd to 300

CD – $10

LP $15

Kami Fusen

Ike Reiko & Miki Sugimoto ltd singles

Ike Reiko  7inch 45 rpm “Girl Boss blues…” Solid

Ltd to 500 and sold out, one of the famous Pinku eiga actress directed by Norifumi Suzuki at Toei studios. Song written by the still underrated Ichiro Araki. It’s a hit, move very very fast as I only have a few of these 2 singles.

sold out


Miki Sugimoto 7 inch 45 rpm “Zeroka no onna: Akai wappa” Solid

Nice artefact by this second well known actress, with “Onna bancho nagaremono”.

Ike and Miki have both stared in numerous “sukeban” films throughout the 1970s and helped build a generation of “Toei porn”. Miki wasa A fashion model and star of “Go Go Girl in All Night Fuji” (a Japanese TV program), she made her film debut in “Hot Springs Mimizu Geisha” and was later known for her film “Zero Woman – Red Handcuffs”

Only a very few, sold out at source, ltd to 500