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Mura LP An’archives

Mura LP “2008-2021” An’archives

LP 12” ltd to 385, silkscreened white or chipboard jacket with obi (Black,vanilla or grapesicle), inserts and a postcard – Liner notes by Jon Dale

Please note : all vinyls have a click and pop on B side

Mura were a previously little-known group from Japan, formed by friends Kota Inukai (vocals, guitar), Masaki Endo (bass) and Sho Shibata (drums) in the late noughties. Performing mostly in small events in Sapporo, they were outsiders, and felt a kinship with few other groups, though Inukai mentions rock group Green Apple Quick Step, and hardcore band Ababazure as fellow travellers. This isolation surely feeds into the uniqueness of Mura’s music – they sound little like much that we know of the taggable Japanese underground of their times, and the music they recorded for this, their debut album, spanning a decade, is gloriously all over the shop, from delirious punk wig-outs to strange pop miniatures.

The group formed young – Inukai was only fourteen when they started, and Mura were his first ever band. When pressed on what they were listening to while making their music, Inukai recalls that he “used to listen to the works of Haruomi Hosono a lot”, and you can hear traces of this, perhaps, in the breadth of the sound Mura explores, from the lovely, country-esque shuffle of “In The Talk”, through the garage-y plunk of “Rest” and the reflective, melancholy “Younger Brother”. They were also big fans of video game music – “even orchestral covers of video games”, Inukai smiles – and that’s in there, too, in the split-second responsiveness of the playing, the way they flick through ideas and genres almost impatiently, taking minutes to cover terrain that other groups might spend albums and years exploring. But the songs were also grounded in Japan’s history, with many of the songs inspired by “old Hokkaidō,” Inukai recalls, “from the Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa periods.” With Inukai coming up with the melodies, and Shibata fleshing out arrangements, all three members then contributed lyrics. You can hear that collective effort in the way the music moves, every player listening carefully to each other, the songs moving gracefully, but not without verve and vim. It’s a delightful album, full of pop songs that take unexpected turns, with glinting melodies sung out, here sweetly, there with gruff candour, guitars tangling together like an unholy union of Tom Verlaine and Jad Fair, every song charged with a new, unpredictable spirit.


Katra Turana CD

Katra Turana CD ” Reboot” Telegraph Records

Formed in 1980 by Atsushi Hiroike, vocalist, composer and arranger. After their early performance group activities, they released their first album “Katra Turana” on Telegraph Records in 1982. This album was also released in Europe through RECOMMENDED RECORDS in the UK. After a major line-up change, they released the 30cm single “The End – The Gradient of the Skin” (Switch Label, 1985) and their second album “KIMERA” (Telegraph Records, 1986). At the time of their first album, Atsushi Hiroike, who was dressed in women’s clothes and sang in a mysterious way, was often focused on, and the band was described as a “bizarre antique decadent music box” or “deformed chamber rock. However, they gradually started to aim for minimalistic and psychedelic avant-pop, and this trend became more pronounced when bassist Teko Kitajima joined the band. In any case, they were an outlier in the 80’s, when the New Wave was sweeping the scene. The band went on hiatus around 1990, but in December 2015, they held their first live revival in over 20 years at the Kichijoji Star Pines Cafe.The performance, which further promoted the musicality of the band’s later years, fascinated the packed audience with Atsushi Hiroike’s neutral and mysterious performance. This album also includes new songs.

$25 gatefold with obi

Gerogerigegege CDs

The Gerogerigegege 2CD >​(​decrescendo) Final Chapter = デクレッシェンド 最終章 – Undo records

Recorded in a park before dawn in August 2019, it was released for the first time in December on a series of cassettes by fashion brand CAV EMPT and sold out immediately. In 2020, “Ugusudani Apocalypse” was released on LP by The Trilogy Tapes in the UK.In 2020, he self-released a cassette box with three versions recorded in the same park. In 2021, The Trilogy Tapes will release a second pressing of the album with a poster in a double-page jacket. Finally, a limited release of a record buried in the same park for a week. For the first time on CD, the entire recording will be released on two discs as a completely new and final form of sound image. Recorded 18/9/2019 iphone Mono Recording. No Cut No Overdub Edit. Hapi Drum: Juntaro Yamanouchi Disc 1 : Farewell Dream Treatment (aka Our Dreams is Over) 48:18 Disc 2 : Destructive Crust Treatment (aka To The End Of The World) 35:32 Farewell Approached by J.Y + Toshihisa Hirano 19/1/2022


The Gerogerigegege CD + CDR in a 7′ xeroxed jacket “Tokyo Anal Dynamite Singles ” Vis à Vis


Hisato Higuchi CD

Hisato Higuchi CD “キ、Que、消えん?Ki, Que, Kien?” WV Sorcerer

After over two decades of releases on P.S.F. Records, Family Vineyard, Apollolaan and his own label Ghost Disc, WV Sorcerer is honored to present the latest physical release of Tokyo-based musician Hisato Higuchi (樋口寿人). An album of melancholy guitar melody and whispers, like a longshot of the overflowing light on the Tokyo street, a monologue from far away. Hisato is responsible for some of the most breathtaking, delicate, and smoke-filled guitar playing side of Loren Connors or the quieter sides of Keiji Haino. Those comparisons perhaps help to give an idea of where Hisato’s work floats, but it’s clear listening to him that his work is a very personal musical expression. His music is a Tokyo labourer’s blues.


Liang Yiyuan CD

Liang Yiyuan CD “Thing loses itself” WV Sorcerer

One of the pioneers of the Chinese experimental music scene, this is the latest composition from Liang Yiyuan, an album for prepared yangqin. This is an album composed for yangqin. Some bamboos, woods, and iron clips were clamped to the strings during the recording. A violin bow, several small iron boxes, springs, drumsticks, and other metal objects were also used, to create a special timbre.


Yamash’ta & the Horizon LP/CD preorder

Yamash’ta & the Horizon LP/CD “Sunrise from West Sea” Wewantsounds

Performance by Stomu Yamash’ta accompanied by Jazz pianist Masahiko Satoh (well known for his involvement in the New Herd Orchestra and his ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ soundtrack) and Taj Mahal Travellers founder Takehisa Kosugi on Electric Violin. The line up, also comprising Hideakira Sakurai on Electric Shamisen, is a spaced-out improvisational soundscape over the two LP sides. Remastered from the original tapes, the album is reissued here for the first time ever on LP. The LP comes in its beautiful original gatefold artwork with OBI strip, 2 page insert and a new introduction by journalist Paul Bowler.

remastered from the original tapes, comes in a gatefold jacket with obi

LP $26

CD $16

Jan Bruyndonckx LP

Jan Bruyndonckx LP “rails and other tracks” Metaphon

first ever release of concrete and electronic collage works by Belgian underground sound explorer Jan Bruyndonckx. ‘Rails and Other Tracks’ contains autonomous compositions, music for film and documentary, all independently recorded in his private studio between 1958 and 1965.
A small collection of adventurous and mysterious sound evocations with text/poetry (Paul De Vree) recited by Julien Schoenaerts.


Mototeru Takagi & M. Yoshizawa 3CD Box

Mototeru Takagi & Motoharu Yoshizawa 3CD Box Duo & Solo , Live at Galerie de Café 伝 Tokyo 1987・1989- King International