Hisato Higuchi CD

Hisato Higuchi CD “キ、Que、消えん?Ki, Que, Kien?” WV Sorcerer

After over two decades of releases on P.S.F. Records, Family Vineyard, Apollolaan and his own label Ghost Disc, WV Sorcerer is honored to present the latest physical release of Tokyo-based musician Hisato Higuchi (樋口寿人). An album of melancholy guitar melody and whispers, like a longshot of the overflowing light on the Tokyo street, a monologue from far away. Hisato is responsible for some of the most breathtaking, delicate, and smoke-filled guitar playing side of Loren Connors or the quieter sides of Keiji Haino. Those comparisons perhaps help to give an idea of where Hisato’s work floats, but it’s clear listening to him that his work is a very personal musical expression. His music is a Tokyo labourer’s blues.


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