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Masonna 4CD box

Masonna 4CD  Wooden Box  “Exploring self-corrosive noise with Coquette” Urashima

Masonna is an emblematic figure of Japanoise, who shines by a personal approach and an immediately recognizable style. A zenith in the noisy Japanese landscape.
Urashima is proud to present seven amazing Coquette tapes for the first time remastered digitally on four CD in an exclusive black wooden box with laser engraving :
Like A Vagina : 1988 :
All Live Recording At My Room : 1989 :
Mad Onna : 1989 :
Maso + Onna = Masonna : 1989 :
Hate : 1995 :
Freak : 1995 :
Filled With Unquestionable Feelings : 1995 :
Each single CD inside wooden box comes in cardboard wallet with credits and new artwork plus individually numbered certificate in 250 copies.


Masonna CD box 2Masonna CD box



Masami Kawaguchi ltd CS

Masami Kawaguchi CS “Live  2016” Albert’s Basement

Ltd to 70 – one man, one voice, one guitar, one soul and that’s enough.


Masami Kawaguchi Cs masami kawaguchi cs001

Yuka Ijichi & Sadahiro Yamada Cs

Yuka Ijichi cs + download card “How To make Paper Clay” Selection rec.

Lovely and discreet singer  that only has one album firstly recorded for Sloow Tapes, maybe 7-8 years agao. If you are in Reiko Kudo and her fragile and expressive songs, that’s for you.


Yuka Ijichi

Sadahiro Yamada cs + dowload card “Shitaiha” Selection Rec.

recorded in 1984-85, between cheap electronics and primitive songs, weird !


Sadahiro Yamada

Mayuzumi EP Kaga Mariko Keitaro Miho

Toshiro Mayuzumi 7 inch EP “Only on Mondays ost ” Super Fuji

The movie Japanese title is “GETSUYOBI-NO YUKA” , released in 1964,
directed by Koh Nakahira with Mariko Kaga actress. She was and still is a very famous actress in Japan but what hardly anyone knows is that while she was still a young nymphet  when she recorded her only album in 1971 when she was 28 years old.


Mayuzumi only EP002


Keitaro Miho 7 inch EP “La Cloche ost”  Super Fuji

The movie Japanese title is “KANE 鐘” 1966, directed by Yukio Aoshima.
Cannes Film Festival awarded in 1967
Music by Keitaro Miho, a renowned musician also famlous as a car racer, his influences are a mix of scatting, Bossa Nova &  the theme sounds a bit like like Nino Rota.

only a few $18

Keitaro Miho EP001

Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe Ltd LP & CD

Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe LP ” Kaitai Teki Kōkan”  Craftman Records

The album features a recording of the duo’s live performance at the Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan concert hall in Shinjuku on June 28th, 1970. The reissue is pressed on 180g vinyl and replicates the original LP’s textured sleeve. It also includes a replica flyer that advertised the original event. Supposedly released in a limited run of 100 copies, this incredibly rare record is finally getting its first vinyl reissue via Craftman Records – but still at an incredible high price. Sorry for that but I don’t have any wholesale and I paid cash to get these few copies.


Takayanagi abe LP   Takayanagi abe LP2

Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe HQCD ” Kaitai Teki Kōkan”  Craftman Records

Comes in a Mini LP Jacket with obi


Abe Takayanagi hqcd001

Gap 2CD Edition Omega Point

Gap 2CD “Practice Concert” Edition Omega Point

New & essential title in the Archives series by one of the most interestig Japanese label if you are in contemporary and avant garde music from the twentieth century.

Gap had only one album on the famous ALM records and  for the first time we are more to hear from Kiyohiko Sano, Masami Tada & Masaru Soga,  since the mid 70’s they are considered as the missing link between Taj Mahal Travellers and Marginal Consort.


gAP 2cd002


Special Edition with A2 poster and A4 sheet coming in grey enveloppe, limited to 70, only a very few



Makoto Moroi CD “Kusabira ” Edition Omega Point


Makoto moroi kusa001


Joji Yuasa CD “Background sound in Textile Pavillion of Expo 70” Edition Omega Point


Yuasa Background005

Andrew Chalk  & Jean Noël Rebilly LP

Andrew Chalk  & Jean Noël Rebilly LP “L’état Intermédiaire” Faraway press

 only a few copies available, even better if you can order directly from Faraway Press

18 €

Andrew Chalk Rebilly LP

Tetuzi Akiyama – Michel Henritzi LP

Tetuzi Akiyama – Michel Henritzi LP (1 sided) “Broken Blues” Rekem

Reissue of an ultra-limited cdr that popped out quietly on absurd in 2007, this record finds Tetuzi Akiyama and Michel Henritzi joining strengths for a singular set of guitar music recorded at the Alchemy Music Store in Osaka.Captured during the heyday of stylised and pensive improvisation, the music here breaks protocol by avoiding some of the more polite mannerisms of the genre. What starts as a coarse yet beautiful duet of sparse melodic fragments, soon brings into fold the systematic undoing of the bodies of the two guitars themselves. Putting drills, hammers, nails, screws and saws into good use, and with maximum amplification, the two artists manage to bridge the distance between the freely atonal sketches of post-Derek Bailey guitar music and the Fluxus tradition of more overtly disruptive actions. In the process, they craft a singular work that, through raw tactile means, channels some of the violence and expressiveness that runs deep throughout the long tradition of guitar music.
Edition of 192 hand-stamped numbered copies

Only a few $ 18

akiya ma henritzi

Naoki Zushi  new CD on Org

Naoki Zushi CD “IV” Org Records

New album after a 13 years of silence,  Naoki Zushui was an early member of Hijokaidan and  started his association with Shinji Shibayama / Nagisa Nite 3  decades ago !

High priced I know but I do not make any benefit on it


Naoki Zushi001