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Toshiharu Osato CD Aquirax Aida

Toshiharu Osato CD “Improvisation dedicated to Aquirax Aida” Companysha

Excellent archives from Osato who played in Taco & Gaseneta, maybe one of the most important and still unknown musician coming from the early 80’s – he played with Tamio Shiraishi, Tori Kudo…. Limited to 200


Toshiharo osato CD Toshiharo osato 2CD


Andrew Chalk LP & Elodie

Andrew Chalk LP “Baroque steps” Faraway Press

All handmade sleeve in full coloured papers tipped on. Colour lined inner. Japanese obi

With full colour insert, Edition of 300 copies only

“Sun-lit leaves.

It is a clear blue message of hope, as it rings out on a cold

winter’s day.

As the spring progresses, it becomes a cascade that overflows

with bubbling sound, and ends with a challenge “


Andrew Chalk Baroque Steps


Elodie LP “La Lumière Parfumée” Faraway Press

All handmade sleeve in coloured papers tipped on.

Colour lined inner. Letterpress texts and image to main sleeve

With duotone insert, Edition of 300 copies only

Elodie is here : Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk ,

Original release on CD December 2011

“ A repertoire of delicate acoustic and electronic sounds, weaving a rich tapestry of impressionistic pastel shades and shimmering opalescent rays”.


Elodie La lumière

Togashi – Steve Lacy -Takahashi

Togashi Masahiko – Steve Lacy – Takahashi Yuji CD “200.10.16 Hall  Egg Farme” Studio songs

A most welcome reissue as the previous edition is out of print for years

only a very few $25

Togashi Lacy 2000001

Eddie Marcon New CD

Eddie Marcon CD “Kurakurakurage” Pong Kong Records

Long awaited new album by one of our favorite folk singer. Once again it comes in a nifty packaging with a 16 pages attached booklets.

If you need some sweets songs before entering winter.

Only a very few, quite expensive as I don’t have any wholesale



Arrington de Dionyso & Tori Kudo

Arrington de Dyoniso & Tori Kudo CDR “Yama Neko Improvisations”

Tori Kudo- pump organ
Arrington de Dionyso- bass clarinet, some voice, membrane horns

Recorded in February 2007 at Tsuru’s home studio in Matsuyama Japan during the Maher Shalal Hash Baz/Arrington de Dionyso/Karl Blau joint tour organized by 7ep and K Records to celebrate the release of the KLP/7ep album “L’Autre Cap” by Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Only a few !