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Non Band CD II

Non Band CD “non band II” – Teklegrph records

Second album after 4 decades !

“The Japanese punk rock movement known as Tokyo Rockers began in the summer of 1978. It incubated an independent music culture as well as a host of fascinating, individualistic musicians. One of the more striking units was the male-female duo Maria 023. NON played bass for them, and it was here that she first attracted attention. However, Maria 023 was short-lived, and NON would not reappear until the following year, August 1979, on stage at the legendary concert event „Drive to 80s“. Her unbilled performance at the event consisted of several songs for solo bass and vocals, and her combination of intensity and a distinctly female emotionality made a striking impression. In the months that followed, NON continued to play solo and she became a pivotal presence among the female rockers on the scene at the time.”

comes in a nice mini gatefold jacket with obi, only a few, $25

The Gerogerigegege

The Gerogerigegege CD+CDR that comes in xeroxed 7′ jacket ” Uguisudani Apocalypse ” vis a Vis audio arts / Inundow

only a few $30 (please note there’s 2 different jackets with the bonus CDR, pink/blue)

The Gerogerigegege 3CD+CDR box ” Blackout Archive V.1+2+3+4″ Vis à Vis Audio

Only a very few, back in stock, $50

Youri Kun LP

Youri Kun LP ” Unheld Ball” – Inundow

Youri Kun is Hiroshi Nar nickname who played bass with some of the most important bands such Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuni keisatsu, Datetenryu. He’s active as Youri Kun, Portcuss, Molls, Niplets…He released more than 30 releases and he’s a true singularity…Sometimes it soudns a bit like a japanese Jad Fair with a nasal and weird voice, with always one foot in rock n’ roll…

This is his first album, a compilation of his last 16 albums recorded since 2006 some alternatives takes, some different versions with guests such Bill from Coa, Toshiaki Ishizuka, liner notes by David Kato Hopkins – Ltd to 150 copies with obi, sold out a source. Please note jackets have a slightly rounded corner


Tetuzi Akiyama / Michel Henritzi CD

Tetuzi Akiyama / Michel Henritzi CD “Shinjuku No Kage” Dyin’ Ghost Records

Distant meeting between 2 abstract bluesmen, drifters and friends. ltd to 150


Lost Aaraaf – Keiji Haino 2CD

Lost Aaraaff 2CD Lost Aaraaff – Super Fuji

Keiji Haino, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Saitoh, Shigeru Suda & Akira Asami Regular Edition comes with an exclusive A4 flyer on metallic paper., comes in a CD plastic case with obi and booklet .Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group.

1-1 recorded at Nihon-Genyasai Festival, Sanri-Duka, Chiba, Aug 14, 1971.
1-2 recorded at Shojiko Rockoon, Lake-Shoji, Yamanashi, Aug 8, 1971.
2-1 recorded at Electric Pure Land #3, Sugino Hall, Meguro, Tokyo, Jan 26, 1974.
2-2 recorded at Oscar, Shibuya, Tokyo, Mar 4, 1971.
2-3 recorded at Oscar, Shibuya, Tokyo, Mar 4, 1971.

Historic and hysterique !


Special Deluxe edition in an LP-sized hardcover gatefold sleeve with booklet containing credits and lyrics in Japanese and English. Booklet does not contain the liner notes, interview or chronology that appear in the booklet that comes with the regular edition.


Haino Keiji Book + CD

Keiji Haino Book & CD “Vocations de l’ombre” 2017

back in stock, Les Presses du Réel, 17 x 24 cm in French, 17 x 24 cm, 305 pages

(Cd has some solos and Fushitsusha unreleased tracks)

35€ only a few copies