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Vinyls – I

Mari Amachi / Reiko Oshida  2LP “Color pack Serie – Local” – CBS /Sony 1973 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet

1 Lp for each singer, Reiko Oshida tracks are taken from her first 3 albums,  she was an actress linked to the pinky violence, she sings with some approximations in a depraved manner a bit like Ike Reiko  that makes her so sexy, a great erotic figure from the 70’s. Mari Amachi is more like a  typical coquetish singer from this period, a good balance between up beat songs and some kayo ballads.

EX (Some stains) / EX, some surface noise, mostly for a couple of rotations, that’s not a perfect copy but still nice for this bargain price.



Keiko Fuji LP “Keiko no Jinsei” – CBS – Quad 1973

Originally this 4th album was released in 1971, this version is rarer with a superior and wider stereo field, All Quadraphonic albums are hard to track down and become collectibles in JapanStill a nice album with a few tracks from the rokyoku /naniwa bushi repertoire mostly known by Yuriko Futaba.
Cover and obi are EX+ / LP plays EX, some surface noise but still nice

Kiyoshi Maekawa (Cool Five) / Keiko Fuji“3” – RCA – Gatefold cover

EX+ / EX


Sono Mari 2LP “Ai o anata ni” – Polydor – Gatefold Cover with attached pin up poster /booklet

A nice compilation of Sono Mari late 60’s songs…Husky and hypnotic voice…You’ll have some nice moments with your loneliness.

EX/EX+ for the cover / EX-EX+ for vinyls



Sono Mari LP “Ai ha oshimi naku” Polydor 1968 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet
One of greatest voice of the mid-late 60’s, some similarities with Sachiko  Nishida who was signed on the same label, but Sono Mari has a more husky and hypnotic voice. Songs are embellished by the great Polydor Orchestra, if you need some elegance, charm and grace, Sono Mari is  one name you’ll definitively fall in love with. All her albums are rare and sadly Polydor pressing aren’t the best, so finding a good copy at a decent price is really difficult.

EX-EX+ / vinyl plays a solid EX, a few surface noise


Sono Mari2LP “Ai o anata ni” – Polydor 1971 – Gatefold cover with obi, attached booklet

One of best kind of compilation with the lovely Sono Mari, one of the most gracious voice of the mid -late 60’s, she was one of the most talented singer, everything is at its place,  probably the most gracious and high skilled singer. If your ears need some honey without falling in the insignifiance, you’ll become hypnotisized  and would probably look after all her stuff. Many tracks here, would make a nice Christmas present to yourself.

EX+/EX , mostly EX+



Kazuko Matsuo LP ” Hi-Light” – Victor 1964

One of the best Matsuo Kazuko, she was at her peak in the early 60’s, laid back -night ambiance with a husky and intimist voice.  Some duos with Frank Nagai & Hiroshi Wada /Mahina Stars, some jazzy late night songs with some strange voices harmonies and hawaian – steel guitar. You can end your night while listening  “goodnight “, believe you’ll experience a whole dreamy night.

EX (some stains on the back) / EX , considering its age that’s really a nice copy.


Kazuko Matsuo LP “Saikai” – Victor 1972
Another piece in the puzzle, this one is a bit like a compilation but has alternative versions of some well known songs, if you don’t cry while listening “Saikai” song, that means you’re probably deaf and I can’t do nothing else for you !
EX+/EX  (A few surface noise but this copy is very clean indeed)
Chako Miyaki LP “Utagatari” – Harvest
Nice sof  folk  with 2 compositions by Kazuki Tomokawa, you can hear it through a couple of beat songs.
EX /EX+(Slight ringwear) / EX+
Shinichi Mori LP “Mujo No Yume” –  Victor – Gatefold cover
One of the best album by a legend, comes in a nice cover…Top copy and rare to find it with obi.
EX+ (some satins inside) / EX+
Shinichi Mori LP “Onnagokoro wo utau”-   1969  – Gatefold cover
Early period and pretty rare, this one is a nice one too with some up beat songs usually covered by some female singers(Akiko Nakamura), Mori’s voice wasn’t so deep as later but his energy was already there.
Shinichi Mori / Mina AoeLP “Yoru to kokotsu to kameiki…” RCA
Sometimes popular songs and popular artists can deliver a great album like this one…
2 great voices from the late 60’s early 70’s for a recommended split LP
Textured gatefold cover.
Makoto Moroi LP “Piano Concerto NO.1” – Victor 1970
One early album but Makoto Moroi composer who’s better known now for his tape music and that’s a pity because he’s a great and still unknown composer with orchestra. Piano NO.1 has been released a few times but this version is different with  “Alpha & Omega for piano op 12 / eight parables for piano” parts. Nice cover too, still an underrated composer.
EX+ / Side A plays EX+ / Side B plays EX/EX+ (a few surface noise)
Sachiko Nishida LP “Myrioku no subete” Polydor
Nice album from the late 60’s,  as almost all Sachiko nishida’s stuff, enka/showa kayo with everything in its place, she’s really one of the ost charming singer from these years.
Sachiko NishidaLP “Ai no owari no toki ni” – Polydor 1968
Gatefold cover with attached booklet
Superbe album with some more upbeat songs, not so far from Sono Mari albums on the same label.
Some spoken interludes and as always Sachiko Nishida’s magical voice
EX+/EX (a few surface noice but this is a solid copy)
Reiko Oshida LP “Love’s sweet errors” gatefold cover – CBS 1973
Maybe her best album after the sexy first abum even if this one has more maturity. Some kayo ballads but Reiko Oshida is not the best singer and that’s what it makes her so lovely. She was mostly known as an actress, you probably know that…
Cover is EX , face is perfect, back and inside have some stains / LP plays EX mostly EX+
Hiromi Sairaiji LP “Hatoba to fune to minato machi” – Columbia 1972 – Gatefold cover
Second album by the crazy and weird Hiromi Sairaiji. True enka compositions but her nasal and howling singing makes somethingvery atypical. She’s one of  my favorite singer even if the second LP is a bit less wild, it makes again an essential release witha  more varied approach. Some great songs by Funumura, also coverEd by Hibari Misora.
Cover is EX+, Obi is EX- (small creases) / Lp plays EX
V/A Manatsu no yoru no dobutsuen – Love sounds in nippon – Victor 1997
Nice compilation with GS tracks and some sexy singer rarities like Yukiko Kuwabara, Reiko Ohara…
This a recent limited serie that immediately sold out. Honestly I was quite defiant but this is a nice release with beating songs by The House Rockers, Helpful Soul and some other unknown names. Looks a compilation for “hype” but very well done.
near mint /near mint
V/A Orchestral Space Orchestra Space at Nissei Theatre 1966 LP – Victor 1966
Conductor is Seiji Ozawa, organised by Takemitsu and Ichiyanagi
With Toru Takemitsu – Yuji Takahashi – Toshi Ichiyanagi – Joji Yuasa
Fantastic and historic release, highlight is Ichiyanagi “Life music” for various modulators, magnetic tape & orchestra.
Cover is EX (minor wears and a library sticker on the back) / LP plays EX- , some surface noise but the sound is clear and detailed,  listening is still pleasant with dynamics.
Quite a bargain price for a true rarity
V/A Transformation of piano / The contemporary music of Japan
LP with Mayuzumi / Takahashi / Yuasa / Ichiyanagi
gatefold cover with 8 pages attached booklet – Columbia 1970
This is the first edition , this historic album is better know with its later release on Denon.
Electronic piece “Music for piano” by Ichiyanagi
Cover is EX (clean but has a library sticker on the back) / inside is top clean
LP plays EX- / stickers on the labels /some surface noise
Downpriced  because of its condition

Catalogues, books and more

Nihon Kinbaku Shashin-shi – The History of Japanese Bondage Photography

Editors: Masami Akita, Akio Fuji and Chimuo Nureki 

8.9 x 6.3 x 1.4 inches

Publisher: Bibliotheca Nocturna 1996

In excellent condition, it belongs to one of our friend –


dav masami akita book 2

Soejima Teruto book (english) “Free Jazz in Japan”  Public Bath

21 x 15,5 cm , 365 pages

 Jazz in Japan: A Personal History by Soejima Teruto

Soejima Teruto was a film critic and jazz fan who moved from the front row to backstage in the 1960s and continued to support progressive jazz for the next forty years as promoter, label owner, critic, filmmaker, tour organizer, and more. He was present at and integral to the free jazz scene and his memoir has all of the info. All new photos not in the original Japanese edition ! Introduction by Otomo Yoshihide.

free jazz in japan

Creating Enka ” The Soul of Japan” in the postwar Era

Wajima Yusuke translated by Kato David Hopkins

Public Bath Press

“This is the prize-winning history of the music known as Enka, one of the dominant forms of postwar popular music, that rearranged everyone’s understanding of the history of postwar pop. Love it or hate it, Enka is a necessary background for anyone hoping to understand the music of Japan. With a new introduction by the author and full color printing (unlike the Japanese original), this is a must-have for your collection.”

I still haven’t dived into but you cannot imagine how this book is essential for any people who’s in popular songs, in the heart of  the japanese’s culture. After Gaseneta, Mikami Kan,  Public bath Press is slowly becoming essential for the non japanese readers and needs all our support to bring us some more surprises.


creating enka

Kan Mikami book + CD “A life in Folk” Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm, 311 pages


Kan Mikami book007 Kan Mikami book008  

Dokkiri ! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 – A History & Guide

Kato David Hopkins – Public Bath Press

21 x 15 cm , 298 pages with coloured pictures, reproductions


Dokkiri book

Takashi Goda Book + CD “Japanese underground  Music in the late 70s & 80s” Loft books SOLD OUT

All written in japanese but has a few pictures, more than 400 pages. CD is really interesting since there’s some 18 tracks  with Tori Kudo, High Rise, Gap, Takafumi Sato (Pinakotheca label founder) A-Musik, Inryo Fuen…Heavy , only a very few !


Gaseneta Wasteland book by Osato Toshiharu  Public Bath Press

Nice english version translated by Kato David Hopkins, 15 x 21 cm, 165 page

very simple, direct, nice to catch the atmosphere of the late 70’s years



Kiyoshi Awazu ” Makurihirogeru” exhibition catalogue + 2DVD 21st  / Century Museum, Kanazawa / Gendaikikakushitsu

Graphic Designer Kiyoshi Awazu (1929-2009) was one of superstar of Japan’s avant-garde era in 1960-70’s. This large retrospective exhibition was carried out at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa between Nov. 2007 and March 2008. All of Awazu collection and all related performances for this exhibition (excerpt) are recorded on 2 DVDs. Exhibition catalog is specially designed as documentary of this event – unfortunately texts are written in Japanese mainly (some descriptions are in Japanese and English). 2nd DVD includes some live concerts, for example, Yosuke Yamashita’s “Piano on Fire”, Toshi Ichiyanagi’s piano playing and Takehisa Kosugi’s live performance “Mano-Dharma Concert”

A4 format / Heavy

New $70

kiyoshi awazuKiyoshi Awazu kiyoshi awazu 2 Kiyoshi Awazu

Takehisa Kosugi

Waves – Takehisa Kosugi Sound Installation – Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura

Signed by Kosugi in 2001 on the front page

A4 size, 33 pages with coloured pictures + Flyer

The cover has some minor wears, inside is tight and clean


Unsigned copy / Near Mint copy


Takehisa Kosugi

Daad galerie catalogue – signed copy

some minor wears  – EX copy


(unsigned EX+ copy : $75)

Takehisa Kosugi

Four Devices

11x13cm published in 1991 by P-3 Art and Environement, Tochoji Zen Temple, Tokyo, JapanEmbossed carton box with 24 art/scores cards,  7 paged doublesided info and works foldout booklet and a glass

Portfolio / catalogue