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Vinyls – III

Maki Asakawa LP “Hi Tomoshi Koro” – Express 1976




Yukiji Asaoka LP “Love’s beginning & end” – CBS / Gatefold cover with poster

One of the last albums from the mid 70’s, some kayo songs and few covers such as “superstar” and  John Lennon’s “Love”. Honestly this is not the best one but Yukiji Asaoka was a great singer and actress since the early 60’s, in the 70’s she was a true sensual singer ans still remains as one of the great voice . This album will make you looking after her previous albums, let’s say it can be a good starter/appetizer.

Cover is clean excepted a few various discret removed-off on the back / vinyl plays a nice VG++/EX , some surface noise and a few cracklings but nothing unacceptable.


Junko Fuji LP “Tosei kobore Bana” –  Minoruphon 1972

Gatefold cover with 4 pannels insert

Nice soundtrack with Junko Fuji, featuring the famous “Lady Yakuza” generic song with yakuzas stars like Nakakura…

The presiing wasn’t the best, many copies are in bad condition and the booklet is often missing

EX (Front cover is EX+, some stains inside and the booklet) / Vinyl plays  a  nice VG+ /EX



Haruyo Matsuda LP “Kurenai Mugen” – Victor 1978

Fantastic and quite unknown album by a poetess who died prematurely, Haruyo Matsuda was linked to Shuji Terayama / Tenjo Sajiki and sadly she didn’t have enough time to make some other albums. It’s very hard to describe this album because it’s really a trip through a few styles of music, between folk, kabuki, rokyoku/naniwa bushi,  like  a  modern shamanic procession with some extra japanese elements. Her voice is the key element here, she can brings you with some whispers and sometimes she can howl and laugh as she was possessed by some devils or some yokai .  Some folk compositions with some shamisen interludes, talking, singing with sometimes some echo effects on the voice, some indian sitars opening on some brazilian rythms. This album is in my personnal top 10, it’s really an adventurous listening, it embraces some japanese traditions with a stunning personnal and modern and troubling aura. Almost unknown for most western ears she has a quite cult underground status and copies of this album are more than rare.

EX+ with insert /EX + WHITE PROMO LABELS



Yoshida Minako LP “Fuyu no tobira” – Showboat / Tokuma 1996

Gatefold cover

Reissue of a 1970’s album with Caramel Mama / Haruomi Hosono and friends from Happy End, Yoshida has a lovely heavenly voice for some nice folk songs with some soft psych ornaments. A quite rare reissue if you’re not willing to pay $250 for the original issue.

EX+ (a very few stains inside) / EX to EX+



Chikuzan Takahashi LP “Tsugaru Shamisen” – Crown 1973

Gatefold cover

Original release by a japanese legend who’s responsible for  the tsugaru shamisen boom after the war, coming from Aomori he became blind when he was 2 and since his death in 1998, his heritage is still very present in Japan.

EX to EX+ ( Obi has a few marks) / vinyl plays EX-mostly EX+



Chikuzan Takahashi LP  “Tsugaru Shamisen 2” – CBS

Intense recording from the mid 70’s by the blind maestro.

EX+/EX to EX+



Vinyls – II

Kan Mikami LP “Folk live Jamboree ’71” – SMS

A great addition to Mikami’s discography, I think it was released as a limited run in the 80’s, this live is pretty well recorded and has the same intensity than Live in Aomori or live 1972.  Mikami’s early years, one voice, one guitar, Mikami lyricism was so intense,  that makes a great and still unknown album…



Kazuko Matsuo LP “Rhapsody” – 1975 Victor

Nice album from Matsuo Kazuko’s middle period, some more ballads, less jazz related and less night mood from the satin voice.



Junko Fuji single”Onna no Inochi” – Teichiku

A nice addition to Junko Fuji’s discography from the early 70’s, honestly I love all her stuff, her singles are hard to find and even rarer in a decent condition. I’m pretty sure they’ll become hunted down in the next years.

Nice double face cover

EX (some stains, mostly visible on the back but still a clean cover) /EX, graded EX because a few scuffs are visible and there’s a discret pop on B side. Anyway the sound level is clear and strong, it plays mostly as EX+


Kazuki Tomokawa single “Shinori San / Rancho Akita-Ondo” – Tokuma 1975

Superb single with 2 rare tracks, B-side is just fantastic, sound like a folkloric tune with percussions and some backing voices.

Promo  white labels, titles are stamped.

EX (some wears but mostly on the back cover but nothing too serious, still a nice cover)

plays EX-EX+


Reiko Oshida single “No, no, no / I’m a bad girl” – CBS 1971

Reiko’s best single with 2 killer tracks taken from her first album, what a lovely bad girl !

EX+/ EX-EX+ (some scuffs but plays very nice)


Meiko Kaji LP “Urami Bushi” – Teichiku  1973

Gatefold cover

I have to admit that’s not the most beautiful cover with Meiko Kaji  but this is one  is  my favorite for the songs.

Almost all her good repertoire is here…

EX- (some wears and stains, but no tear) / Plays EX-EX+


Carmen Maki LP “Best of Carmen Maki” CBS

Early compilation with Carmen Maki  first 3 albums, that means the highlights. She’s one of my favorite singer of all time, I’ll ask to play her music  for my funeral. This compilation has no weakness and  I think it has 2 less popular songs that weren’t on the albums. Just essential and same picture used for “Poems in the midnight” album

Near mint (Cover has an original rounded sticker) /Near mint


Kumiko Akiyoshi LP with emponymous title – Elec 1975

Comes with in sert and poster rarely present

Nice actress backep up by Yonin Bayashi,  some psych songs and many strange,  dark sides with reading poetry through a telephone…

EX+ (obi has some wrinkles on the back) /Near mint


Chinatsu Nakayama single “Tomara nai Kisha” Victor 1970

It’s a hit ! Masahiko Sato partner for a vital R&B  song, B side is a nice folk ballad

EX (a very few stains) / EX-mostly EX+



Morio  Agata with Mako Midori single “昭和柔侠伝の唄” Bellwood 1974

Lovely single by Morio Agata augmented with her partner and actress Mako Midori, typical of Agata’s rythmic tune heard in “Les Misérables”. Rare and nice cover, Mako Midori is a so beautiful singer

EX (very slightly yellowing) / EX-EX+, some surface noise in the very first seconds


Itoh Kiyoko single “Hoshi Kara no / Mishiranu  sekai” – CBS 1967

comes in a soft gatefold cover

Another single by the eternal lovely Itoh Kiyoko with a nice picture inside

EX+ / EX mostly EX+




Eri Chiemi LP compilation – King -1976

Late compilation with the great Eri Chiemi. 1st side is the late kayo period, when energy had gone, B side is a nice addtion because it has some tracks of her fokloric period in more updated orchestration which is always a real pleasure.

Cover, obi and insert are NM/ LP plays EX/ mostly EX+


Keiko Fuji – LP compilation 16 tracks – RCA – 1976

An excellent compilation with some rarer songs.

Near Mint  for cover and obi / EX-EX+



Nagisa Yukiko 10″ –  Toshiba 1962 Red wax

Rare 10″, red wax, 1962 was a good period along withsome Yukiji Asaoka. This one sounds straight enka with high nasal voice, almost childish by moments. Very intense, she sings as it could be her last day,  straight enka, minyo, folkloric songs…

EX- (Some wears) / VG+ (some surface noise but good pressing)


Les Rallizés Dénudés / Taj Mahal Travellers – LP OZ days 1973 BOOT

A classic boot with 2 legendary bands,  xeroxed pasted cover. archive copy…

EX+/EX (Has some marks but without incident on the playing)

The quality pressing was not too high, some there’s a little hiss and a few clicks, all my copies had some minor defautlts.



Carmen Maki “Far away country / Just two alone” single CBS 1969

2 songs taken from Carmen Maki’s first album with lyrics by Terayama, 2 folk and melancholic ballads, all her songs were so perfect, one of my favorite album of all time.

Cover has some wrinkles, EX- / Plays VG++ in the beginning  to EX. Nice copy for a cheap price



Junko Fuji single “Onna Tosei-Nin / Onna ippiki no blues” – Crown 1971

Superb single , one of the rarest released on Crown Label, most of them were released on Victor.

Similar stuff , passionate enka songs for this 5 stars actress, comes in a nice double face cover.

EX-EX+ (minor wrinkles) / EX-  to EX, some surface noise, a visible scuff but sounds very nice


Itoh Kiyoko single “A man and a flower / a piece of love”- CBS 1967

Wonderful singel, just a piece of  love. Some alternative versions that came out later on her first album, sounds more acoustic.

EX (some slight wrinkles) / EX-EX+



Junko Fuji / Meiko Kaji single “Urami Bushi” – Teichiku

Superb split singles by our 2 favorite Heroins : Lady Yakuza vs Sasori



Jo Kondo “Sen No ongaku” LP Alm Records 1974

The first ALM – AL1 reference by the underrated Jo Kondo for a subtil acoustic spacialization.

EX+/EX-mostly EX+


Les Rallizes Denudes – 2LP Fucked & Naked 2003

Cover is EX-EX+ has some minor shelf wear / LP are EX-EX+



Mimi Hiyoshi LP Victor – 197?

Gatefold cover for this LP released in the early-mid 70’s.  A quite varied album, some kayo ballads with strings section, some more up beat songs, makes this album very pleasant, sometimes not so far from Ruriko Asaoka. Mimi Hiyoshi is best known for singing some Shuji Terayama lyrics and for a collaboration with Kan mikami.

Near Mint /Near Mint



Shuji Terayama (Tenjo Sajiki) 33 1/3 RPM EP “Hitoribochi no Anata Ni / Poems- For your melancholy night” – CBS 1971

With Naito Yooko &  Ogiwara Sakumi

Hardcover gatefold cover and  overlapping booklet by Aquirax

Lovely EP close to Carmen Maki “Poems in the Midnight”  and Tenjo Sajiko “Hatsukoi Jigioku” album, the atmosphere is like the title suggests it…

Cover is EX-EX+ inside has a few stains / EP is EX- /EX, some surface noise but nothing unacceptable, still a nice copy



Motohiko Adachi / Joji Yuasa / Yoshiro Irino

Ni Hon Gendai Sakkyoka Shiriezu – Modern Japanese Composers Series” (Toshiba – TA-9302)


Red Wax

Mega rare and fantastic, I can’t find my words.

EX/EX+ (with avery few stains) / LP has  a few surface noise and 4 pops for a couple of rotations  but the whole LP generally plays  EX/EX+



Keiko Mari “Folk Song O Utau” Victor- 1971

Rare LP by Keiko Mari aka Petite M’amie, in a rather different style because this album belongs to folk /kayo music and in my opinion is even more interesting. Keiko Mari covers some Carmen Maki songs, Takeshi Nishioka /Itsutsuno No Akai Fusen and also The Folk Crusaders. Her voice is clear, arrangements are nice with strings and sometimes some field recordings.

EX+ (a very few stains inside) / EX-EX+



Momoyama Harue with Ryuichi Sakamoto “Hikiyomigusa” – Victor / Invitation 1979

Lovely album with one traditionnal side with shamisen and the second one with electronics by Sakamoto, colouring the rural music with dark and alienish landscapes

EX+  (Obi has one tiny tear) / EX+


Miura Fumiko LP Crown 1968

Rare LP on the mythic Crow Label. Straight enka and folkloric songs with shamisen & percussions.

EX+ / EX-Mostly EX+, a few clicks


Sachiko Nishida – LP + red flexi 7inch Polydor 1967

Gatefold embossed cover LP

Well, Almost all Sachiko Nishida are lovely and the Polydor orchestra and arrangements were among the best one during the 60’s.

EX+ / EX, a few surface noise but still a nice copy


Hibari Misora “Hibari Hauta Zoshi” 10inch – Columbia 1958

A great classic by a legend…

EX/VG++ / EX-

Great condition for its age, a few marks but plays very fine without too much noise. Price is a gift.



Tenjo Sajiki / Shuji Terayama “hatsukoi jigoku hen” LP CBS 1970

With Kei Ogura, Carmen Maki…

Gatefold cover




Makoto Moroi “concertos” – Victor 1971

Gatefold cover – Quadraphonic LP

2 pieces with “3 concerto Movements for shakuhachi, percussion and strings” & “concerto for piano & orchestra”

Many spaces with these pieces, mixing some traditionnal instruments with a great sense of mystery…

Both Cover and LP are Near mint



Satoshi Ishikawa Wave notation 2 – Still Way – Sound process 1982

Manufactured by Kojima

Delicate music with piano, harp,  definitively an autumn’s album, not sa far from some ALM acoustics albums

Near Mint for cover and LP



Kazuki Tomokawa “Umi shizuka”  King – 1981

Cover (EX+ , afew stains if you turn it to the light) / insert + obi + LP are EX+



Kazuki Tomokawa “Ore no Uchide Nariymanai Uta” LP  1978 Bellwood

Cover, insert and obi are EX+ / LP plays EX/EX+


Kan Mikami “Kan” Victor 1975

Cover, obi and insert are EX+ / LP plays EX/EX+


Akiko Nakamura “Nijiiro no Mizuumi”  1968 – Victor

Gatefold cover with pinup poster

No obi, Cover is EX/EX+  and LP plays EX

Beat girl backed up by The Jaguars, some Kayo influenced songs, sound is lovely, reverbs are cool….first edition


Michi Aoyama “Naku Onna / Onna Nano” single Crown 1969


Super rare single by Michi, she was a queen during the Crown label years, deep enka,


Itoh Kiyoko “When the apples blossoms /Ho Paura” single Toshiba 1968

Great single by the lovely Itoh Kiyoko assisted by The Happenings Four / Kuni Kawachi

Alternative versions released later on her 1st album – 1969



Itoh Kiyoko “Hana no Madonna” single 1967 CBS

Same similar stuff than the one mentioned before. recommended