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Yuki Fuji LP one Butoh

Yuki Fuji LP one Butoh – Akuphone

Ltd to 500, 28-pages A5 Portfolio

A musical immersion into the most exciting avant-garde dance style of the past century. Created in Japan in the 1960s by Tatsumi Hijikata, butō is the “dance of the obscure body”. It broke with the traditions of classical Noh and Kabuki Theater, which, at the time, seemed outdated in the national context. Nourished by a European artistic avant-garde, butō stands out as a mirror of the socio-political turmoil of a post-World War II Japan. One Butoh resonates as a perfect acoustic introduction to this subversive art and propels the listener deep into his own soul.

Fuji-Yuki is a Japanese vocalist who uses her voice like an instrument. With special vocal techniques, glossolalia and electronic pedals, she creates a wide variety of sounds. Inspired by the spirits of Buddhism and Shintoism, she creatively transforms her vocals into an ambient drone or prayers resonating in a church-like space. Her live performances are always different, depending on the place and space they take place in. She is also known as the vocalist of the experimental band Sarry.


BaraNambu CD DU

BaraNambu CD + promo Disk union CDR 深く、花を見て ‘Fukaku.Hana Wo Mite) Eyeliner

First full album by the trio of Fujii Masahide (YBO² ), Nambu Terihisa (Aural Fit) & Yamazaki Taiga (The Silence)

Glam rock rooted in the 70’s with a heavier sound, you can hear they are a true live band with few rampant ballads

Digipak + exclusive Disk Union CDR – a few copies available


Kawashima / Mochizuki / Henritzi CD

Kawashima Makoto / Mochizuki Harutaka / Michel Henritzi CD Chinmoku wa ishikure ni yadoru bouryoku – Trost

Makoto Kawashima – alto sax on 1 and 3
Harutaka Mochizuki – alto sax on 1 and 2
Michel Henritzi – lapsteel on 1 and 3, guitar feedback on 2

the title is inspired from the poem « Nachtlied » by Georg Trakl

dedicated to Takayuki Hashimoto (1969 – 2021)

‘Chinmoku wa ishikure ni yadoru’ is a tough album to define. Led by the extraordinary sax duo of Makoto Kawashima and Harutaka Mochizuki, with Michel Henritzi padding out the space in-between using lapsteel and guitar feedback, it’s a record that feels indebted to the free improv scene but not beholden to it. Henritzi’s cloudy textures provide a subtle inky backdrop for Kawashima and Mochizuki’s expressive overblown alto blasts, that dip and spray like screams in the night. 

Reference points might be scene originators like Anthony Braxton and Peter Brötzmann, or more recent acolytes such as Mats Gustafsson, but Kawashima and Mochizuki also touch on the frothy freewheeling noise of Les Rallizes Denudes, and Henritzi’s contributions strike a chord that’s not a million miles from Heather Leigh’s sacred dissonance. ‘ Boomkat


Kazuo Imai quartet CD

Kazuo Imai quartet CD “Has the future become the past” Jinya

With Kazuo Imai, Tsutom Toudou, Nobyoshi Ino, Hiroshi Yamazaki