Kawashima / Mochizuki / Henritzi CD

Kawashima Makoto / Mochizuki Harutaka / Michel Henritzi CD Chinmoku wa ishikure ni yadoru bouryoku – Trost

Makoto Kawashima – alto sax on 1 and 3
Harutaka Mochizuki – alto sax on 1 and 2
Michel Henritzi – lapsteel on 1 and 3, guitar feedback on 2

the title is inspired from the poem « Nachtlied » by Georg Trakl

dedicated to Takayuki Hashimoto (1969 – 2021)

‘Chinmoku wa ishikure ni yadoru’ is a tough album to define. Led by the extraordinary sax duo of Makoto Kawashima and Harutaka Mochizuki, with Michel Henritzi padding out the space in-between using lapsteel and guitar feedback, it’s a record that feels indebted to the free improv scene but not beholden to it. Henritzi’s cloudy textures provide a subtle inky backdrop for Kawashima and Mochizuki’s expressive overblown alto blasts, that dip and spray like screams in the night. 

Reference points might be scene originators like Anthony Braxton and Peter Brötzmann, or more recent acolytes such as Mats Gustafsson, but Kawashima and Mochizuki also touch on the frothy freewheeling noise of Les Rallizes Denudes, and Henritzi’s contributions strike a chord that’s not a million miles from Heather Leigh’s sacred dissonance. ‘ Boomkat


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