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The Gerogerigegege 2CD >​(​decrescendo) Final Chapter = デクレッシェンド 最終章 – Undo records

Recorded in a park before dawn in August 2019, it was released for the first time in December on a series of cassettes by fashion brand CAV EMPT and sold out immediately. In 2020, “Ugusudani Apocalypse” was released on LP by The Trilogy Tapes in the UK.In 2020, he self-released a cassette box with three versions recorded in the same park. In 2021, The Trilogy Tapes will release a second pressing of the album with a poster in a double-page jacket. Finally, a limited release of a record buried in the same park for a week. For the first time on CD, the entire recording will be released on two discs as a completely new and final form of sound image. Recorded 18/9/2019 iphone Mono Recording. No Cut No Overdub Edit. Hapi Drum: Juntaro Yamanouchi Disc 1 : Farewell Dream Treatment (aka Our Dreams is Over) 48:18 Disc 2 : Destructive Crust Treatment (aka To The End Of The World) 35:32 Farewell Approached by J.Y + Toshihisa Hirano 19/1/2022


The Gerogerigegege CD + CDR in a 7′ xeroxed jacket “Tokyo Anal Dynamite Singles ” Vis à Vis


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