Michael Ranta CD Taiwan years

Michael Ranta CD Taiwan years – Metaphon

Three previously unreleased works from the 1970’s recorded and mixed in Japan and Taiwan.

1-Kagaku Henka (1971) 18’40”
2-China Filch (1975) 27’06”
3-At Night (1978) 23’06”

More than any other of Ranta’s releases this album shows his multiple roots and ideas as a composer, percussionist and concrete/electronic musician, building a seamless bridge between Eastern and Western avantgarde. Ranta is one of those rare composers able to organically melt his wide artistic span into a singular but yet diverse universe morphing his rich vocabulary as a percussionist with the Oriental esoteric tradition, the psychedelic underground and the realm of electronic minimalism.

Michael Ranta: performance and mixing
Recording engineers: Shigeru Sato, Tsutomu Kojima


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