Vinyls – IV

Morio Agata LP “Norimono Zukan” – Chop 1986

Nice limited reissue of an amzing album first released in 1980 on Vanity.  Morio Agata is an important name since the early 70’s but this album was something different. Some electronics from the 80’s with a new / cold wave touch added to the DIY spirit and Agata’s nasal voice. Phew and Chie Mukai are amongs the guests for this amazing album.

NM/ Near Mint



Ruriko Asaoka  LP  “Ruri Chan no aishu kayo – Teichiku  1964

Very first album by this actress and model who became an icon in Japan now. This album is straight enka / kayo, Ruriko voice sounds young and high,  at that time she was known for some duets with Ishihara Yujiro and she became a star in the early 70’s for a couple of releases who were more in a kayo / soft pop styled vein. This album sounds definitively older, it’s a true classic album.  Ruriko voice was already so expressive and fragile…Absolutey a must, very rare in a such condition.

EX+ / LP plays EX / EX+


Ché Shizu LP ” I can’t promise” – Zero Records 1984

First album by the folk psych band leaded by Chie Mukai with a cast of musicians such as Tori Kudo, Takuya Nishimura, Tsukasa Takahashi. Chie Mukai was a Takehisa Kosugi student and she’s mosty known as an improviser with her erhu / kyoku (chinese violin),  Che Shizu is probably one of the most accessible side of her work , songs are dreamy and  Mukai’s acid voice has a true singularity. She had later some CDS on P.S.F records but her 2 albums are among the best, maybe this one has also a more Tori Kudo touch.  Rare, comes 2 inserts

EX+ / EX to EX+


Naomi Chiaki LP  “Besuto arubamu” – Columbia 1973 gatefold cover with insert

Nice release by one of the most famous voice, Naomi Chiaki and Sachiko Nishida are maybe the most well known voices, Chiaki has a more husky voice and music is deely rooted in kayo, soft ballad. This album has lot of hits such as ” X +Y = LOVE”  and more.

EX+/EX (some surface noise)




Eri Chiemi LP 10″  – “Chiemi sings japanese folk songs vol. 4” – King 1962

My favorite Eri Chiemi period with her covering some minyo songs wit a cuban vibe. She’s got an inimitable style and musicians interaction is  incredibly spontaneous and fantastic. You can hear they had fun during the sessions, these are Eri Chiemi Golden years, sadly it hasn’t been really  re-released on CDS. I think  price is quite reasonable because these 10″ are hard to find in good shape, this one has some surface noise but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this album anyway…it was released 50 years ago !



Eri Chiemi 2LP “Gozonji ! Chiemi no dodotsu – Double deluxe” – King 1970 – Gatefold cover with attached booklet

I’ve discovered this album by a matter of coincidence and honestly I was pretty sure this double album would have been a loosy compilation of her last years. Even if I can’t write any bad words with Chiemi, her last years weren’t honestly  the best because she was already gone : her singing was still good but you can feel something has definitively gone, her vitality wasn’t anymore here and her presence was like a ghost,  making  me depressed with each listening. These 2LPs are really nice in a enka/kayo repertoire from the early 70’s, sounds is really rooted in these years, this period with Chiemi is maybe not so very well known and it’s quite good. Among the surprises, there’s some minyo / folk songs she interpreted some years before but here the orchestration is absolutetly different, more updated. I think it works fine too with bass leading the rythm. Artwork is gorgeous with its attached booklet, this release is not very popular and quite hard to find in a such condition. So I’ll never enough recommend Eri Chiemi !

EX+ /EX+



Eri Chiemi LP “Chiemi no minyo” – King 1969 Gatefold cover with pin up poster

One of my favorite Chiemi, it ‘s one of the very first album I’ve bought and I’m back to it very frequently. These songs are folk / minyo oriented ,  same similar stuff than her well know 10″ wich were released in the early 60’s. This album is more produced but stays very close to the initial versions and their cuban vibe. If you dig Chiemi this the heart of her folkloric side and the “Deluxe” collection on King is more than recommended.

EX- (No tear, no crease but some stains on the cover and poster) / Looks VG+ with a few visible scuffs but plays really a nice EX, surface noise is acceptable, you’ll forget it after a few rotations. I think price is fair for the pleasure it will bring you.



Yuriko Futaba LP “Rokyoku fu keizu” LP King 1966

Yuriko Futaba is famous name for the lovers of the so-called  rokyuku / naniwa bushi style. A style wich combines semi narrative parts, enka,  kabuki and audio roman photo, a style wich was very popular on the radio 50 years ago and more. Sometimes some environment sounds are mixed with shamisen / minyo style and the  whole affair sounds melodramatic. Yuriko Futabe is intense, she had some hundreds of releases, she has her own voice, she’s absolutely the rokyoku’s queen. If you are curious I’ll never enough recommend you her music because there’s so much in one single album and you’d be surprised to hear some similitudes with Kan Mikami. Excepted the lyrics, the intensity and time control, breaks, whispers are really close. If you want to go deeper in the traditionnal side, don’t hesitate, there’s a lot of surprises here and it seems nobody has any interest now for this music. Many musical themes have been covered later by artists such has Yukiji Asaoka, Sono Mari and  many others…

EX+/EX to EX+, some static clicks


Yuriko Futaba LP “Nippon Kyukaku den” – King 1973

Another piece in her volcanic discography…

EX+/ EX to EX+ some noise on B1 and at a few occasionnal moments


LSD March LP “Totsuzen hono no gotoku” – White Elephant 2002

Rare white vynil version with insert. First release by a well known band with Ikuro Takahashi from Fushitsusha / Ché Shizu, for a fuzzy psych album.

EX+ (A few minor wrinkles) / Near Mint


Carmen Maki “Goodbye my memories ’70” – Sony – Gatefold cover

I think Carmen Maki doesn’t any introduction, this album is just one of her 3 essentials albums. Linked to Shuji Terayama this album is more varied than “Poems in the Midnight…”, some prog and a psych touch are  mixed with some strings arrangements. That’s one of these albums you’ll cherish year after year,  balancing between melancholia and elegance. Most of time copies aren’t so good, this copy is in excellent shape.

EX+ / EX to mostly EX+



Carmen Maki 7inch EP 33 rpm “Sea-Gull” – CBS

4 titles that comes is a lovely and heavy carboard cover from the early 70’s with the legendary “Tokiniwa hahano…” title. 4 eternal tracks , PHEW has recently covered it on her last album…Carmen Maki is a  legend and she merits it.

EX+/EX to EX+



Carmen Maki EP 7inch 33 rpm “Tokiwa Hahano – Clover series” – CBS/SONY

Rare and superb EP that comes in a heavy gatefold cover, 4 tracks, 4 great classics with Shuji Terayama lyrics, very hard to find in this beautiful condition.

EX to EX+ (a few stains inside, front and back are perfect) / EX to EX+



Akihiro Maruyama ( Akihiro Miwa ) LP “Deluxe” – King 1968

Gatefold cover with attached pin up poster

Last album under his name before turning it into his female alter ego name,  Akihiro Miwa is a famous figure whose name became for most people for her links with Terayama/ Tenjo Sajijki (“Baramon”), and now is a popular singer in Japan. This album from the early years is in post cabaret style of music, it covers some classical french classics such as “Non, je ne ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf and some more songs by Gilbert Becaud and more…But Akihiro Miwa’s voice is quite stunning and ambivalent as her  own identity, between male and female.

Cover is EX to EX+ (some shelfwears) / LP plays VG++ to EX




Meiko Kaji LP “Syuki no uta” – Polydor 1980

Cover, insert and obi are EX / EX+ (a few stains on the upper right front cover)

Vynil plays EX to mostly EX+


Meiko Kaji  LP”Akane gumo” – Polydor 1978 white promo labels

Late album by the STAR

Cover is EX+ / LP plays EX+


Toshiro Mayuzumi  LP “Nirvana Symphonie”  – Toshiba TA-8012 with booklet

One great classic and one of the first version that came out in the 60’s I know there’s also a red wax version but this version with this beautiful artwork is pretty rare now. This album is influenced by voices of the buddhist priests recinting sutras with structures advocated by Varese. Some bells effects and drifting voices mixtures for buddhistic cantata…Superb, and comes with a rare booklet in a miraculous condition

EX+ / EX to EX+ (a few static noises)


Hibari Misora 10″ LP “Hibari Uta no Hanamoyo” Eagle 1960

Hibari is one of the most important historic singer and actress, almost considered like a half godness. The late 50’s and 60’s are considered as the peak of her career. This one is a nice addtion to the enka repertoire…Immortal enka…

Cover is top clean with a black adhesive band on the front  (Maybe it was originally here) / LP is top clean ,  it plays a solid EX


Hibari Misora LP “Onna no hanomichi” – Denon 1971

Gatefold cover with attached illustrated booklet.

Nice soundtrack by a legend.

EX- (some wears and a few stains but nothing serious) /LP plays EX-, still a decent copy



Non Band 10″ LP “Non Band” – Telegraph Rec. 1982

Nice first release by a quite forgotten band leaded by Non singer  who sounds with her childish voice as almost a Junko-Pocket. Music is quite simple, quite rythmic with a no-wave touch but what makes it singular is a violin or clarinet mixed a with drums and guitar. Production was very nice, it doesn’t sound outdated as many bands from this period. If you need a simple energetic cocktail, that’s for you. Becomes harder to harder to find.

Cover is EX- / has some stains / LP plays a solid EX to EX+



Somei Satoh LP ” Emerald Tablet ” – ALM records 1981 Gatefold cover

Recorded in 1978 in the NHK electronic studio with Akai Takahashi, this is one of the rarest Somei Satoh album, from minimal piano à la Charlemagne Palestine to some electronic avalanches.

EX+ (a very few stains) / EX to mostly EX+, a very few occasional surface noise



Watari Tetsuya / Izumi Chidori / Junko Fuji LP  “Gikei Imuto – Watari / Chidori / Fuji ” – Teichiku

Glossy gatefold cover, early 70’s.  Fantastic split album with 2 famous stars known for their Yakuza’s filmography,  and Izumi Chidori as an unbelievable singer from the 70’s.  Also it has a cover of  the fantastic song “Abashiri Bangashi” , if you are familiar with Wakamatsu’s films, I’m pretty sure you can remember Abarishi prison song. Junko Fuji was not an accomplished singer it adds to her charm because she sounds sincere. Izumi Chidori in her early years was a amazing singer, she was singing like a sword in the air, an incredible verbal acrobat, you just need to close your eyes and you’ll see the film. If you are in rock stuff  or even noise, you should give a try, for my ears Jojo  from Hijokaidan is not so far from this vibe when he’s more in songs. Music style is different of course but has definitively a “bad boy” stamped quality.

EX+ / LP plays  a solid EX, some occasionnal surface/crackling noise



Kumi Taguchi LP “Ga Kataru ai no henreki” – Teichiku

Mega rarity by actress Kumi Taguchi – “Emmanuelle Fuji” known for her album re-released by Tiliqua. This one is in my opinion really far better , maybe less erotic on a first degree but sounds more musical advanced. Some interludes with laid back music, environmental sounds and highlights here are some true enka/kayo songs from the 70’s.



Tako LP 45 rpm “Second- live”  –  Chaos 1983

Second and last album by the legendary Harumi Yamazaki / Gaseneta, this album come out after their first Lp released on Pinacotheka.

This band was maybe the most interesting project from the 80’s, mixing a lot of influences with a punk attitude. Comes with the always missing insert.




Sawa Tamaki LP “Bed de Tabacco wo suwanaide” – Victor 1971

Gatefold cover. A classic album by  actress and singer Sawa Tamaki linked to “playgirl” and later to Imamura film maker, she’s has a smokey voice and this album sounds like a late night cocktail of jazzy and lounge vibe mix.

EX/EX+ / LP plays EX- to EX



Noriko Tsuwa LP “Majushage” – Philips 1977

Nice  folk album by a forgotten artist who played with Kazuki Tomokawa in his “Sakura…” album. Nice ballads with a voice not so far from Maki Asakawa assisted my Monkey House band, with a slight prog and psych touch, not jaz related as Maki Asakawa.



V/A Experimental Music of Japan LP  – Victor VX-52 – 1966 gatefold cover – textured cover

Mayuzumi + Moroi / Takemitsu / Yuasa / Mayuzumi / Ichiyanagi / Ishii

Historic album with pieces conceived and recorded in the NHK studio, this is the FIRST TRUE EDITION (The second one came out one year later with SJV 1515 number). Fantastic release with some famous well known composers but te whole souds very coherent, there’s no weakness.  If yo uare familiar with Takemitsu, there’s is a  stunning and quite unknown concrete piece.

This album came out in Contemporary Music of Japan on Victor label, all the VX references are hard to find in any condition and this one has raised a cult status for years because of it’s artwork too.

EX+/  EX+




Experimental Music of Japan ’69  LP – Victor 1969 VX – 99 – Textured cover with insert

Mayuzumi / Ishii / Moroi / Shibata

Second great classic of the japanese eletronic pionneers and as good as the first compilation. Mayuzumi “Mandara” piece is famous but this electronic version is not the best known. Makoto Moroi composition is for traditionnal instruments and electronics and i have to admit is one of y favorite composer. Maybe the biggest surprise here is Shibata 1968 piece for only electronic sounds. Quite a noisy and wild piece, almost sounds like Ferial Confine early work, I mean when some noise projects could be quite good, not like the shitty material over production of these days.

EX+ / EX+



V/A Contemporary Music of Japan Vol 22 LP – Victor 1973

Akio Yashiro / Toru Takemitsu / Akira Miyoshi

Another nice piece in this puzzle collection, VX serie, with “Masque pour  2 flutes” (1959) by Takemitsu and 2 sonates with flutes by Yashiro and Miyoshi




V/A Underground Folk 2LP – Kan Mikami / Takashi Nishioka /  Nobuyasu Okabayashi / Wataru Takada – Victor 1979

Gatefold cover .Nice compilation with a side for each of these 4 singers know since the early 70’s. Kan Mikami doesn’t need any introduction, his live materials from the mid 70’s are fantastic, Nishioka is known as a member of Itsutsuno No Akai Fusen and became a famous producer, Okabayashi and Takadu are maybe the mess knows names for western ears. These last 2 were maybe more classic,  maybe as a japanese post Dylan equivalence.

EX+ / LPs play EX to EX+



Kumiko Yokoi  LP “Akai Tsubaki To aoi gen bo shi” – Ongaku Center 1984

Kumiko Yokoi is a folk singer who started in 1974 with a first album and left Vietnam where she lived. Delicate compositions with a great cast of musicians and different instruments. Has an intimist psych touch for moments without falling into the excess.



Yosuke Yamashita trio LP “Gugan” – Express

Nice reissue of a legendary album from 1971, Yamashita trio introducing Takeo Moriyama was recorded befor Yamashita became popular in Europe and many consider his best years were before 1975.  This album is considered as his finest masterpiece. The original LP is hard to find and you’re not willing to pay a few hundreds of euros, this copy could a be a nice substitution. Also it becomes harder and harder to find it these days.

EX+/ Near Mint


Joji Yuasa LP “Triplicity for contrabass – Masahiko Tanaka electronic studio of the NHK” – RCA 1974

One of the rarest album of the early electronic japanese album,  despite its title most sounds are contrabass processed sounds and B side is the famous  “Voices coming”  electronic /tape piece. I’ve seen turning this album 4 times, I have one copy for my own collection, one was sold by Tiliqua for 700 euros and last copy has sold for more than $1000 in the japanese market. Wite noise, bleep sonar sounds, telephonic transmissions for a quite stunning universe. Yuasa doesn’t sound like everybody else, I like how his instinctive and wild approach and makes his stuff  harder to find than Kosugi, Taj Mahal travellers albums.

EX to EX+ (only some stains on the back) / EX to mostly EX+, a very few occasional surface noise



 Joji Yuasa Box set 5LP “Projections” – Columbia 1975

Glossy box with obi and 20 pages booklet

Historic piece and the most complete Yuasa’s collector with pieces recorded in the legendary NHK studio known for his electronics equipment. Pieces have soe lectronic processed sounds and ring modulators, white noises.  Has “Voices coming” piece with snippets of telephone operators, a quite wild and non academic tape music piece. I know many are just ineterested with electronic but Yuasa’s compositions with orchestra are also fantastic for their recording,  details with strings and the whole stereo perception.

 EX+ / Near Mint



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