Vinyls – Singles & EPs – I

Mari Atsumi single 45rpm “Kawai Akuma /Mayonaka no terasu” – Daiei records

Lovely single probably released in 1970, comes in a sexy double side cover



Itoh Kiyoko / Takahiko Ishikawa EP ” Peace & Love 7″ 33rpm – Sony

This was only a promo release in the early 70’s with 2 Titles for each singer. An amazing side with the lovely Itoh Kiyoko covering 2 Paul Simon’s song : “Scarborough Fair” and “el Condor Pasa” with an amazing multitracked voice effect

It seems nobody knows it but Itoh Kiyoko had a whole album with some Paul Simon’s cover, but forget about finding it.

B side are²2 covers wit ha nice singer : “Alice’s restaurant” & “Blowin’in the wind”, I guess everybody know these.

Hardbound cover with a nice insert.



Nana Maki

single 7″ 45rpm  “Neon Machi burusu / Anchikisho no Burusu” – Columbia 1970

Mega rarity, this single was included in the Teichiku 6CD boxset “Oiroke-kayō wa Doko e Iku” released in 2000, a collection of rare artefact & erotic singles…Just imagine a kind of voice such as Michi Aoyama growling mixed with Hiromi Sairaiji weirdness, punctuated by a few ecstatic moanings…



Keiko Mari single 7”45rpm “Moonlight Rendez vous/Yasuharu Konishi” – Victor 1968

Very early single by Keiko Mari aka Petite Mamie (it was re-released by Tiliqua), one track with Rio Alma. The whole is more popish and really song oriented but you can hear Keiko trademark as  a young girl having fun..

Bargain price because of its state, makes anyway a good document…

VG+ (some stains and some wrinkles) / VG+ (some surface noise and crackling)


Keiko Mari single 7″ 45rpm “Sign V” – Victor 1969 gatefold cover

Early single by Keiko Mari better known as Petit’ Mamie, this single was a song for a TV program on TBS.

Side A sounds like a generic song, B side is a lovely ballad and that’s the highlight of this rare piece. Comes in a gatefold cover.

I think for it’s price that’s an opportunity to get a rare document.

Vinyl plays EX/EX+ on side A / Side B is EX- with a “sh” entering for a fraction of second


Kan Mikami single promo 7″ 45rpm “Noriko Wa ima” – Victor 1981

One unknown piece by the legendary Mikami Kan, this was written for a film, he’s on the picture on the back cover

EX (Has a small punch hole on the bottom left corner) / EX+


Oh Ranfan single 7″ 45rpm ” Hiasoni no blues / Nagisa no ecstasy” -Victor 1968

The first Oh Ranfan single, she’s one of my favorite singer, what makes her so sexy is how the sound recording is so  detailed and closed from her mouth and throat, you can hear  her saliva and many mouth details… Super rare and still underrated

EX (minor wrinkles and a few stains if you hold it to the light) /  The single has a few scuffs but it plays like EX+


Hiromi Sairaiji single 45 rpm “Tsushima Ryojou / Tsuchima Ondo”  Columbia 1978

Rare promo copy, alternative cover for this late Hiromi Sairaiji’s  collectible single.

Highlight is B side, like a minyo rythmic song with percussions and back up vocals. A side is a ballad with Sairaiji’s high pitch vocal trademark, this one sounds like she had some great days in Aloha.

EX-EX+ (minor wrinkles) / EX-mostly EX+


Sawa Tomomi single 45rpm “Morning blues / Koi no Kagami” – Columbia 1969

If you are in the kayo-groovy styles like Mari Tsutsui, this one is a nice complement with its amateurish kind of voice, would make another nice addition in your erotic kayo collection…Quite rare and not very known ouside of the japanese market.

EX- (some wrinkles and minor wears) / EX


Mari Tsutsui single 45rpm “Ningyo no koi / Warui na anata” RCA 1970

One of the famous erotic Kayokyoku single mostly known by its cover…Kayo rythmic songs with the sensual Mari Tsutsui…Very rare and listed at a low price because of the cover’s state.

VG+ (some wrinkles  & stains mostly around the top right corner and back) / Plays EX, sounds really nice


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