Archeus CD

Archeus CD “Archeus” Haang Niap

Archeu” is a free improvised group of Keiko Higuchi on vocals, Shizuo Uchida on bass, and TOMO on hurdy gurdy. Extraordinary trio ensemble of vocal/voice, bass, and hurdy gurdy triggers an unique chemical reaction of various expressions such as sensitive sound within silence, vocalization of a forgotten and nameless language, interplay of discordant masses of sound, the magic of minimal repetition, and dark/dense drones. They also attempt to improvise with text readings. It is as if the words are given resonance, and appear as a spirit, then seem to melt with the sound. This is a striking debut work of studio recording with instantaneous performances. Highly recommended, we love that new project a lot !


Archeus cassette “Archeus” Haang Niap


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