Marginal Consort DVD

Marginal Consort DVD “07 12 16 ” Medama

Dedicated to Yasushi Ozawa. The DVD documents his final performance.

DVD with book of interviews, discographies and photographs in Japanese and English.
Yasushi Ozawa’s final performance. The complete 180 minute recording of Marginal Consort live at SuperDeluxe on December 16, 2007. This was the last concert with all five members: Kazuo Imai, Yasushi Ozawa, T Koshikawa, Kei Shii, and Masami Tada.
Although the collective improvisation project Marginal Consort performed only once a year for a long time since its inception in 1997, they have been drawing international attentions recently. Their performance, which is completely free from abstract, political or sometimes mystical ideas about improvisation, neither contraposes the immediacy of “action” or anonymousness of “sound” against “music” nor dramatizes the dialectics between the individual and the whole. Even the words “collective” “improvisation” “project” do not really tell the way they work.
The members from different backgrounds (Kazuo Imai, T Koshikawa, Kei Shii and Masami Tada), who got to know each other at Takehisa Kosugi’s workshop (Bigakko, 1975), produce sonic phenomena using anything available, whether instruments or objects, from viola da gamba to electronics or from bamboo to water, and that develops spatially and temporally. A three-hour performance that feels like a moment when experienced. Try different positions across the venue, which should drastically change the sonic quality.


marginal consort dvd marginal consort dvd2


Tori Kudo Ltd CS

Tori Kudo cassette + dowload coupon ‘Live at Harness” Moone records

Ltd to 100

Live At Harness features 13 acoustic songs performed live by Tori Kudo and Mikiko Suzuki at Harness, an acoustic music bar in Asagaya, Tokyo on 6/26/2017. Throughout this collection you’ll hear unique renditions of songs by Captain Beefheart, Phil Phillips and Peter Perrett; as well as intimate acoustic versions of Tori Kudo’s work with Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Lovely and inspiring cassette with one of the best enka cover ! I’m sure this one will remainas  one of my 2018 favorite – released by a nice and lovely label.


Tori kUdo cs Live at Har001

Phew LP Voice Hardcore

Phew LP “voice Hardcore” Mesh Key

Limited vinyl edition with beautiful, silver foil stamped covers and double-sided, full color inserts. Comes with mp3 download card.

Living legend Phew follows up her brilliant Light Sleep album with another masterwork – Voice Hardcore – comprised entirely of her iconic, instantly recognizable voice, twisted, folded and layered over six mesmerizing tracks.
“A woozy, opiate-soaked stumble into a sparse dreamworld” – The Wire Magazine


Phew Voice hardcore LP  Phew Voice hardcore LP2


Phew LP “Light Sleep” Mesh-Key

Second pressing and last copies

Propulsive rhythms from early drum machines, whirring electronics and dreamlike vocals make for a jaw-dropping late-career masterpiece from legendary Japanese musician Phew, recorded solo at her home in Tokyo. Phew’s career began in the late 1970s as lead singer of Osaka punk group Aunt Sally (whose only full-length was released by Vanity Records in 1979). Ryuichi Sakamoto produced her first solo release in 1980, a two-song single, and in 1981 Pass Records released her debut album, a bonafide classic recorded with original Can members Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit at Conny Plank’s studio in Germany.  Highly recommended !

$24, a very few and last copies

Phew LP Light sleep

Tori Kudo 2 LP + CD

Tori Kudo 2 LP 45 rpm + CD “Galakei” Bruit direct disques


Around that time I was still in Wakayama.

To help get rid of some pent up anger that had built up while doing hard work, I took the company’s car without permission and three of us went to Kataonami. I wanted to see the ocean. I was sick of Osaka, and I felt so refreshed by the wide open spaces and lonely landscapes that on the way back home, I rented a place in Sonobe that I just happened to pass by. At that time, Ai liked the place, too. The rent was only 35,000 yen for three rooms with a kitchen. When we were trying to choose which apartment would be best, I asked a scrawny old lady who came out to see us whether it was a good place to live or not. “It’s on high ground so the breezes are good, and in the summer you can see fireworks from here. But stay away from building C. There’s a crazy person living there.” On the way out I noticed that the stairs and landings were really wet. “Somebody died in the apartment across the landing, so I’m always pouring water there.” When I got home and checked, I found out that the place was the spot of the famous poisoned curry case.

Every day I drove two hours each way to work in Osaka (I didn’t have enough money for the expressway most days). I got home late all the time, but the feeling of crossing the mountains out of Osaka and the smell of the fresh mountain air rushing into my nose when I got out of the car at home was really great. On my days off, we all went to the shore. Kudo-san and Ai and I were all still using flip phones. One time Ai told me, “Tori-san sends me a bunch of melodies to my voice mail, so I record them here with Mari (who was about one year old at the time) and send them back.”

She let me hear them, but at the time I only thought they were just fooling around.

My work was getting harder day by day and Ai was stuck in that lonely place where she didn’t have any friends or relatives, doing nothing but taking care of the kid and shopping all by herself, bored and upset by the inconvenience, and we started to argue more. One day she said, “I want to go back to Osaka. There’s nobody here to help me. You’re hardly ever here. Did you want to shut me up in the countryside?” That wasn’t my intention, and I was startled by her vehemence. And then, after a little while, I had a kind of seizure at work. Luckily someone was right there and miraculously I got better with no after effects and didn’t die. A-chan from Ebon teahouse and Kaoruko, Kudo-san all came to see me while I was recovering. We had to go back to live in Osaka, and my son was born. After about half a year I went back to work, but I punched the boss and got fired.

A few years passed. Ai, Kudo Tori and I had all said, “We want to be the last ones still using flip phones,” but we all switched to smartphones. Mari was crazy about Purikyua/Glitter Force. Ai cut her hair. I lost mine.

This work is based on a small inspiration by Kudo Tori, with additional material added from the voicemail recordings made by Hashizaka Ai (and her family) and from a Maher Shalal Hash Baz 30th anniversary show in Shinjuku, to make up three levels of sound.

Hashizaka’s sounds are full of the highly entropic sadness of northern Wakayama and Maher at Shinjuku sounds like they were a little angry.

Kudo-san says that he picked up a sense of blankness and kindness from these fragments. Something like the feeling you get at an out of the way bookstore that has a nice collection of books, or at a small cheap bar that features fried organ meat, or a bakery, or taking a long trip, or when you’re extremely busy with cooking, cleaning, housework and child care, or other real experiences that make life worth living.

Notes by Geshi Nodoka translated by Kato David Hopkins


Tori Kudo galakei Tori Kudo galake2i

Phew CD Voice Harcore + CDR

Phew CD “Voice Hardcore” Bereket

Probably her strangest and her weirdest album, like visiting an alienish country with human speaking all different and unknown languages. You can understand some japanese but whole atmosphere is intriguing and sometimes a bit frightening. Probably one of the most singular album released in 2017.

Digipak with obi


Phew voice hardcorePhew voice hardcore2


Phew CDR04 Phew Homemade

Ltd 25 minutes CDR, comes in a colored papersleeve

Only a few !


Phew cDR 4

Mikawa Toshiji EP ltd to 40

 Mikawa Toshiji EP 7′ “No Breath Oblige”  Licht-Ung

Ltd to 40, clear vinyl, comes in a handmade pasted cover

Incapacitants Nice X Mas lullaby, with Licht-Ung violin on side B

Only a very few !


Mikawa cover Mikawa EP012

Chie Mukai LP

Chie Mukai + Justin Simon LP 45 rpm single sided ” 日 月” Mesh-Key

Limited edition of 300 copies. Each record comes folded inside thick Italian pastel paper, and each copy has been individually hand-decorated with a design in sumi ink by Simon. The jackets and two-sided inserts were silkscreened at The Circadian Press.

Composer and musician, best known for her underground improv-folk group Ché-SHIZU (PSF). Mukai has been an active improvisersince 1975, when she joined the East Bionic Symphonia group under Takehisa Kosugi in Tokyo. She has since collaborated with Keiji Haino, John Duncan, Agata Morio and many others. Her primary instrument is the bowed Chinese er-hu, but she also plays piano and percussion. Lovely, poetic, far too short but essential. 



Go Hirano new LP

After a 13 years silence, we’re really glad to anounce a new Go Hirano LP  designed by Atsuo Ogawa &, stricly ltd to 100.

Hirano is known as a sometime White Heaven collaborator, renowned expert on Canadian psychedelia and acid folk, and ultra-sensitive sound artist. His previous 3 albums on PSF have wound lo-fi wisps of fragile piano melody and bell chime around nagging, sometimes subtly unsettling field recording techniques. This one has only piano but Go has once again his own sensibility, with being simple witout being simplistic.


go hirano

Masayuki Takayanagi – Kaoru Abe Ltd LP

Masayuki TakayanagiKaoru Abe LP ” Kaitai Teki Kōkan”  Craftman Records

The album features a recording of the duo’s live performance at the Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan concert hall in Shinjuku on June 28th, 1970. The reissue is pressed on 180g vinyl and replicates the original LP’s textured sleeve. It also includes a replica flyer that advertised the original event. Supposedly released in a limited run of 100 copies, this incredibly rare record is finally getting its first vinyl reissue via Craftman Records – but still at an incredible high price. Sorry for that but I don’t have any wholesale and I paid cash to get these few copies.


Takayanagi abe LP   Takayanagi abe LP2

Polygonola CD with Haino Keiji

Music of the Polygonola (a polygonal flat musical instrument)
A unique tone, timbre and scale CD Applied Vibro-Acoustics Inc

This disc comes with a 50-page booklet in English and Japanese discussing the instrument and the pieces.

Polygonola is a flat polygonal musical instrument and made from bronze (see below). The size and shape varies and depends on the pitch of the original scale based on a vibration theory of the plate. The shapes are triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and disc. There are also a pentagram and hexagram Polygonola. It is played by hitting with any type of mallets.


Polygonola CD Polygonola CD2