Kito Mizukumi Rouber ltd cs

Kito Mizukumi Rouber  cs “Savaita Calvi ni KMR” No Basement is Deep enough

This fifth KMR studio brawl comes in a cloth rib cage with all the mental flesh chewed off so you can get properly dressed for lustful wanderings through the rest room of your favorite steak joint.  They are all nuts, the band couldn’t have found a better label  after Ultra Eczema ! Acid enka proto punk ballads with a new member on sax !

Limited to 89 hand-numbered copies, only a few !



UP-Tight LP st

Up-Tight LP s/t Desastre records

Nice re-release of their first album recorded in 2001

LP, 300 copies black vinyl.

UP-TIGHT are a noxious trio from Japan leaded by Tomoyuki Aoki, ghost of Les Rallizes Dénudés, who augment their sound with crushing, Sabbath-styled dynamics, earsplitting acid leads and beautiful Velvets-inspired ballads. Just when you thought you’d got to grips with Tokyo’s paradigm destroying psych scene, this one hits like a sucker punch.




Otaco cassette “Yoru wa kyabetsu hatake” Self Release

Otaco is an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter cum performance artist playing toy keyboards, guitar  who was born in Hokkaido and she belongs  belong to the same informal Sapporo underground network of intuitive, inventive and often funny young musicians, improvisors and video makers as Aoi Swimming , Cup & Saucers and Shimettainu, with legendary drummer Ikuro Takahashi acting as spirit guide. Her songs are very lo fi (synth, guitar, loops, rythmbox…) but believe  me she’s already  a princess and will warm up your heart if you have attention.


Otaco xcs004

Otaco CDr “L.O.V.E”


Otaco cdr005

À Qui Avec Gabriel | Tori Kudo 10 inch LP

À Qui Avec Gabriel | Tori Kudo 10 inch LP  情趣演歌 [Enka Mood Collection]

Split 10′ LP ltd to 210, comes in a silkscreened gatefold cover with  colored obi (white brick red, yellow-orange), insert + postcards…

Liner notes by Alan Cummings

Second in the enka collection series on An’archives after Jojo Hiroshige & Shiraishi Tamio,  this split LP features

À Qui Avec Gabriel  and Tori Kudo

À  Qui Avec Gabriel is an accordion player based in Tokyo who opened her discography with  “Utsuho” on John Zorn’s label Tzadik in 2001 ( featuring Haino Keiji as a guest musician) . Since she has collaborated with Makoto Kawabata, Majutsu No Niwa, Mico  to name a few. Her stylistic palette is eclectic, drawing on shades of jaunty european folk music, the elegant minimalism of Erik Satie, and uniquely lighthearted melancholia.

Here for the first time on record she left her accordion Gabriel  for a piano and a seat and proves she’s found  her own voice as an expressive singer.

The other side features Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Noise with his wife Reiko Kudo)   who has  a revered status in the Japanese underground  since the late 70’s (Taco, Guys N’ Dolls,  Fushitsusha…) but this time he brings  listeners into the heart of an amazing and feverish karaoke house with his friends . For those who didn’t know it before,  maybe for  the very first time they are going to discover  Tori Kudo as an inimitable & unforgettable crooner, as a true lover of popular songs.

A Qui avec Gabriel - Tori Kudo

A Qui avec Gabriel - Tori Kudo

Enka Mood


Elodie LP Le manteau d’Etoiles

Elodie LP “Le Manteau d’Etoiles” Faraway Press

Andrew Chalk & Timo Van Luijk

Special edition handnumbered limited to 100 copies.
Handmade clothbound portfolio case, with wood cut prints to the cloth and Japanese language translations of all titles.
Includes 2 postcards and one insert

The fifth full-length album by Elodie, here expanding on the first concert by Elodie as a quartet given in Leuven, Belgium in November 2012, with Tom James Scott and Jean-Noel Rebilly : piano and clarinet respectively.

$52 only a few !

elodie le manteau portfolio elodie le manteau portfolio 4 elodie le manteau portfolio 3

The regular edition contains also a specially printed  double-sided insert and postcard set,offset printed on 350 gramme cream paper stock


elodie manteau cover

Af Ursin, Timo Van Luijk

Timo Van Luijk / Daniel Duchamp LP “Les soeurs noires”  Editions Delvoyeurs

One sided 12″ with etching on side 2 by Dominique Vermeesch.
Sold for vernissage of exhibition “Les Soeurs Noires” on september 21 at Saint John the Baptist at the Béguinage church.

Droney, mysterious and a bit dark,  always with Timo’s music, it’s a timeless music carefully made with a lot of small details. Ltd, almost no distribution

$20 only a very few

Les soeurs noires

Af Ursin LP “De Overkant” La scie Dorée

Second pressing of my favorite Af Ursin album…Just delicately made, very close to what Timo is in real life. Elegant minimalist music with always a good sense of timing


Af Ursin De overkant

We still have a few copies with some other Faraway  & La Scie Dorée releases, you can ask us.

Mototeru Takagi, Toyuzumi, Kang Tae Hwan, Evan parker, Yoshizawa Moto

Mototeru Takagi LP “不屈の民”  Chap Chap Records / Universal

Limited to 250 ! Comes with an exclusive Disk Union Sticker


Mototeru Takagi LP Disk union sticker jazz

Evan Parker and Motoharu Yoshizawa “Two Chaps” Chap Chap Records / Universal

Limited to 250 ! Comes with an exclusive Disk Union Sticker


Evan parker LP

Han Bennink & Sabu Toyozumi LP Chap Chap Records / Universal

Limited to 250 ! Comes with an exclusive Disk Union Sticker


Han Bennink LP

Kang Tae Hwan 2LP “姜泰煥”

LP Chap Chap Records / Universal

Limited to 250 ! Comes with an exclusive Disk Union Sticker


Kang Tae LP

Choi Sun Bae LP “The Sound Of Nature”  Chap Chap Records / Universal

Limited to 250 ! Comes with an exclusive Disk Union Sticker

Umezu Kazutoki (as), Nobuyoshi Ino (b), Koyama AkiraFutoshi (DS)


Choi sun bae

Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San LP 25/12/2013

Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San LP 25/12/2013  Bruit Direct disques

Live album by Japanese group Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San, savagely DIY and autonomous, Mamitori have to this day released only a handful of copies of a privately pressed record, while lead guitarist Aritomo has put out an abundance of self-produced acid-folk records for which he carefully assembles every sleeve by hand. The album ”1 2 3 Fairy TailChimidoro Phenomenon Satan Inferno Dress ha CattlemurareteYggdrasillHaWaSasaru” was immediately noted by David Keenan who compared it to “Isn’t Anything being creepy-crawled by Idiot O’Clock or the early Rough Trade singles as curated by Jutok Kaneko and Reiko Kudo.” Members are : Tadasuke Iwanaga : Vocal, Guitar / Kenji Itagaki : Drums / Aritomo : Guitar, 12 string guitar / Shingo Nakata : Bass /
Ai Tsuchikawa : Guitar.


Mamitori LP

Mesa of the Lost Women & Junko

Mesa of the Lost Women feat. Junko

7 inch 33rpm “Soon – 70 / She – Survivor” – Anarchofreaks production

comes in silscreened jacket with inserts , blue vinyl, ltd to 200

Excellent collaboration as always between 2 members of Dustbreders noise unit and Junko princess


Mesa of the Lost women

Fukuoka / Henritzi / Massolin LP ltd to 50

Fukuoka Rinji / Michel Henritzi / Luca Massolin

LP “Weather report” – Backwards

Blue vinyl, limited to 50


weather report