CDs & cassettes



富樫雅彦- Steve Lacy – 高橋悠治 CD 富樫雅彦 Steve Lacy 高橋悠治 – Studio Songs $20

(Togashi Masahiko- Steve Lacy – Takahashi Yuji) Recorded on Oct 16, 2000 at Hall Egg Farm

steve lacy togashi


Hifumi Shimoyama CD “Five Chamber Music for tape sounds” Siglo de Luz 1996

New old stock, only a few – $22

Hifumi Shimoyama, his name is  not a very well-known name but enthusiasts of avant-garde music in Japan have heard him through the Oto No Hajimari collection.His sound is desolate and maybe reminescent of his birthplace in east-north district Aomori prefecture as well , same as  Butoh dancer Tatsumi Hijikata. This CD was released by Japan’s private label in 1996. All texts are in English.

Since the 1960s, Shimoyama’s music has been regularly featured on World Music Days festivals across Europe and Asia, and sponsored by the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). Shimoyama  is the founder of GROUP 20.5, the internationally recognized group of Japanese avant-garde composers.


hfumi shimoyama001


YBO2 CD 太陽の皇子 Super Fuji $17

Originally released in 1986, this new edition has an extra track Kitamura Masashi, Yoshida Tatsuya and K.K. Null


20 Guilders CD “Acoustic Motherfuckers” Guiden $18

20 Guilders’ first- ever acoustic studio live album, Junzo Suzuki + Mitsuru Tabata, comes in poster sleeve. These 2 gentlemen are back with their hits such “Enban”.  They are generous, direct and they can move with simple melodies.

20 guilders acoustic


Ann Ihsa CD Shuda Shuda Seapka 2019 $20

Lovely and nicely produced album by a young musician from Osaka – delicate, intimist, poetic & elegant Today rays of light come through the windows with this music. If you are in Aso Ai, Eddie Marcon. Comes in a digipak, one of the best recent discovery, I can’ t wait to hear more from Risa.

ann ihsa


Les Rallizes Denudes 5CD “Rivista Archives – 2011 new $135

Mega rare, limited to 200 copies in total, including booklet, insert with tracklist, and three separate inserts corresponding to the original albums on Rivista Inc. ’67-’69 Studio Et Live  CD+ Mizutani CD + ’77 Live – Le Mars 1977 à Tachikawa – Most Violence Version 2CD – 裸のラリーズ demos CD

rallizes rivista 2


Nord cs “Electric Meditation -live materials 2015-2017” Haang Niap $13

NORD has been pursuing original sound world in the underground since the 1980s.
Current NORD is active by the original member Satoshi Katayama with Hiroshi Hasegawa (ASTRO) and Shizuo Uchida.


Arrington de Dyoniso & Tori Kudo CDR “Yama Neko Improvisations” $13

Tori Kudo- pump organ
Arrington de Dionyso- bass clarinet, some voice, membrane horns

Recorded in February 2007 at Tsuru’s home studio in Matsuyama Japan during the Maher Shalal Hash Baz/Arrington de Dionyso/Karl Blau joint tour organized by 7ep and K Records to celebrate the release of the KLP/7ep album “L’Autre Cap” by Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Only a few !




Masami Kawaguchi CS “Live  2016” Albert’s Basement $9

Ltd to 70 – one man, one voice, one guitar, one soul and that’s enough.

Masami Kawaguchi Cs masami kawaguchi cs001

Up-Tight  CS  or CDR “Live In Europe” Desastre $10

CS limited to 80 and CDR ltd to 60

Nice live recordings from the 2017 french tour, believe me I was there and it was just incredible. Now we just hope the band can record a new album.


Up Tight live in Europe


Nord cs “Electric Meditation -live materials 2015-2017” Haang Niap $13

NORD has been pursuing original sound world in the underground since the 1980s.
Current NORD is active by the original member Satoshi Katayama with Hiroshi Hasegawa (ASTRO) and Shizuo Uchida.


Tashi Dorji cassette “But a night that ends..” Moone records $10

Ltd to 150 with download coupon –  “But a night that ends,  as all nights end,  when the sun rises” –

“Tashi Dorji is a celebrated free-form/improvisational guitarist. Born and raised in Bhutan, but transplanted to Ashville, NC in the early 2000’s. He is a musical force that is in a caliber of his own. The amount of originality in his playing could have only been summoned when one is forced to confront limitations and raise a big middle finger to the ‘status quo’….

Tashi’s latest album but a night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises is pieced together in a non-linear/non-hierarchical form. Every segment equal part fragile and intense. The album feels like it is addressing a dark political climate but from an anti-establishment perspective. It is a transmission from another dimension, to let us know we aren’t doing this “humanity thing” right. However, in its confrontation, it still arouses hope for a brighter future.”

Tashi Dorji CS


Tenniscoats cassette “Tenniscoats hiphop dj mix tape” Majikick $15

Tenniscoats DJ tape001

Ann Ihsa cassette “Ann Ihsa solo” Senri $15

Aann Ihsa is a pop music band leading Risa Yasuda.
This band moves into action around Osaka. If you are in Reiko Kudo and intimist singers, this one is for you. A new name to discover.

Ann Ihsa tape001


Sadahiro Yamada cs + dowload card “Shitaiha” Selection Rec. $12

recorded in 1984-85, between cheap electronics and primitive songs, weird !

Sadahiro Yamada


Naoki Zushi CD “IV” Org Records $20

New album after a 13 years of silence,  Naoki Zushui was an early member of Hijokaidan and  started his association with Shinji Shibayama / Nagisa Nite 3  decades ago !

High priced I know but I do not make any benefit on it

Naoki Zushi001





Doronco Gumo CS “Man Star” Selection Rec $10

Excellent ltd cassetten sometiems sounds abit like MSHB with

Colin Molter : Trumpet & Vocal
Doronco : Bass & Vocal
HIiragi Fukuda Guitar & Vocal
Mako Hasegawa : Drums
Reina Higa : Melodica & Vocal
Itsuki Suizu : Melodica & Vocal
Hainezumi Nishimiya : Banjo & Vocal
Osamu Karita : Cowbell & Scream

doronco gumo cs


Fukuoka Rinji – Michel Henritzi CD “Desert Moon” Pataphysique records $15

The 5th album “Desert Moon” made by the on- going duo of Japanese and French players since 2007, expressing the “international melancholy”, commonly shared by all the people without race, delivers the crisis of the time that may cover the entire world or even the entire planet with some intense sound which brings about the collective unconsciousness of the early 21st century.
The sad simple melody on the 1st track, strings tremolo devoted to Nico and the repetition spiraled organ- like loop in reverse on the 2nd track, followed with the 3rd track of where Bartok-like rhythm, melody and voice meet as mantra, and such undefinable various music continues.
The 4th track “Inside the Penitence Box” demolishes the western order with the roaring sound of guitar with effects and the piano’s extended technique, leading to the next track of the cover, “gloomy sunday”, the famous chanson from the time between the first and second World Wars. On top of the totally distorted repetitive “gloomy” melody as the word represents, Fukuoka Rinji, the guest vocalist of Hijokaidan’s Junko, and the poetry reading and screaming voice of Dana Valser, the Spanish female musician living in France, come lay on top of each other.
The last song is “Ballad of Josef K” devoted to Frantz Kafka. With this labyrinth of maybe a ceaseless hallway of a huge building appeared in “the judge.

Fukuoka Henritzi Desert moon001


Sighin P / Inryo Fuen / & Junichi Yamauchi CDR “Sa Reta oto No Hanashi” Cragale NM $35 sold

With Takafumi Sato, Founder of the early 80s Tokyo underground live venue Minor, and the label Pinakotheca Records.


Keiji Haino – John Butcher CD “Light never Bright Enough” Otoroku $16

Digipak with obi


haino butcher cd


Kito Mizukumi Rouber cs “At Cabaret Le Chat Noir” Papa records

Quatuor is back, alive & kicking !


kito cbaret cs


Behrman, Klingensmith, Demarinis & Kosugi CDR “New York 1980” Otherside rec. $55

P1170077 P1170081


Kan Mikami CD+DVD  “Blog, tweet, Facebook” Chaotic Noise 2013 NM $24

Double digipak with obi

Kan Mikami CD Tweet001

Angkanang Kunchai CD “Mae Baeb Pleng Morlum vol 2″  $15

Nice compilation of one of the best singer from Thailand, luk Thung is a popular style of music coming from the countyside that emerged after WW2, having from its beginnings drawn upon northeastern musical traditions and the northeastern Isan language. Instrumentation is a nice mix of western instruments with some traditional khaen, phin. Hard to resist,  we’re terribly hooked to this style of music. For a couple of years Em records from Japan dived into Luk Thung and Molam musics.  Here aresome typical thai cheap CDs with a lot of exclusive songs.If you are interested with some more singers, you can ask as weare also huge fans of Bubpar Saichol, Dao Bando , Pongsri Woranuch (Absolutely great !) and a few more.

Angkhanang Khunchai CD 2001



Grim cs “Discharge Mountain”  Eskimo / Lust Vessel $12

Ltd edition of the 10 inch version on Athanor.

Once again, Jun Konagaya vocals are freaky and nuts…Or maybe Shrek teamed with the band !


Astro cs “Tateyama mandala” Haang Niap Rec. $12

Astro is a well known duo, here with this album has some distorted samples and some field recordings, musicians consider it’s not anymore only noise music, they call it a “deep psychedelic concrete music”.



Taco DVD “Live 2013.10.10”  $25 Lof Books sold

Taco DVD001

rare ltd DVD with the legendary Harumi Yamazaki

Eddie Marcon CDR EP “Feruto No Tsuki” Pong Kong  $14

Eddie Marcon CDR 2016002


Red Shoes CDR “6.26 (sun) 7 : 0.0 Muon” Cragale $24

Red shoes002


Terror Shit cs “Tthis Error” Haang Niap Records

TERROR SHIT is a high / low speed improvisation unit: Kyosuke Terada (guitar / HUH, bum, etc), Shizuo Uchida (Bass / Hasegawa-Shizuo, Galactic Abyss, etc), Kazehito Seki (Voiz / BNSU, Ameri B.C, etc). Just released their 1st album, “TTHIS ERROR” by Cassette with DL code


Terror Shit cs


Soldier Garage CDR “Isobel” 2013 Self Release $18

Soldier Garage - Isabelle


Harutaka Mochizuki CD “Through the Glass” Armageddon Nova $15

Well, what ca nI say as I consider Harutaka as one of the best howler coming from Japan for a couple of years. This album is the first one recorded in studio, it’s direct, gracile without any artifice. That’s only the expression of a true soul.


Joseph Lewis and David Steans CD + DVD “Our Demons and our >Demons 2” Art Into Life $14

John Mylotte (aka Sir Ashleigh Grove) is the leader of the ultra-mysterious cult group Metgumbnerbone, which also includes Richard and Philip Rupenus of The New Blockaders.This is a heretical two-part work, entitled “Our Demons 1 & 2”, and was filmed on mini-DV cameras by Mylotte’s friends David Steans and Joseph Lewis. The films capture various ritualistic actions performed by ten masked individuals, somewhere in the blasted landscape of England. The films overflow with a warped humour, confusing the viewer as to the participants’ real intentions. The background music weaves an even more cultic atmosphere – not noise, but a kind of self-imagined trad folk. This version comes with an additional, stand-alone, remastered CD of the soundtrack. Only a small proportion of the soundtrack was used for the final cut of the film, so this is the only place where you can hear the full soundtrack. Highly recommended for all devotees of Metgumbnerbone’s uniquely eccentric sensibilities!
Hardboard cover with tarot card prints by Joseph Lewis, and liner notes. Limited edition of 150.



Takashi Goda Book + CD “Japanese underground  Music in the late 70s & 80s” Loft books  $40

All written in japanese but has a few pictures, more than 400 pages. CD is really interesting since there’s some 18 tracks  with Tori Kudo, High Rise, Gap, Takafumi Sato (Pinakotheca label founder) A-Musik, Inryo Fuen…Heavy , only a very few !


Michel Henritzi –  À Qui Avec Gabriel CD “Koyonaku” Bambalam $12

“Koyonaku” is the result of the encounter in downtown Tokyo between Japanese accordeonist À Qui Avec Gabriel and guitarist Michel Henritzi.
The duo re-interprets through improvisation Enka music, soulful and melancholic popular Japanese songs. They meander solitary through these sad melodies in their very own iconoclastic ways. À Qui Avec Gabriel’s voice whispers in our ears and bewitches our senses with these love songs. Whether on the strings of the guitar or the keys of the accordeon, the combined 4-handed creative soul disconstruct this abstract blues with the perfect balance of sensuality and violence.
“Koyonaku” is a game of mirrors reflecting different exotic folklore, where each one of them feeds on the other, the suspended space of “mono no aware”: this infinite melancholy of the present, echoing its silences, its cries and its screams.
A beautiful blues record for your lonely nights.


Aunt Sally CDR “Early gig ’78” $55

Incredible and extremely nicely done boot that comes in a heavy japanese  professional printed jacket. How fine to hear Phew singing Sunday Morning, sound is raw but it’s a rare opportuny to catch the vibe from 1978 with one of the most interesting japanese artist for more than 3 decades.

dscn6716 aunt-sally-cd-early-gig003

Aunt Sally CDR “1979.5.21 Kyoto circus circus” $50

comes in a heavy jacket

aunt-sally-cd-kyoto001 aunt-sally-cd-kyoto002



Aishi Oyauchi CD “Hikureteyomowakuraku” Armageddon Nova SOLD

Aishi Oyauchi is a radical alto saxophonist in the tradition of Kaoru Abe and who hails from the same first generation of Japanese free improvisers and he regularly plays with Deku bassist who comes out of the whole Motoharu Yoshizawa school of radical free improvisation and rigorous sound art and was a student of legendary percussionist Masahiko Togashi. Here Oyauchi plays soft, no reed torture and this release offers one more missing part of the japanese free music underground. Unrecorded despite being in his 60s and playing out for several decades so this is the only 3rd recorded evidence of the invention Oyaushi is capable of and that has attracted regular collaborators such Kan Mikami and drummer Sabu Toyozumi.

Aishi Oyaushi003

Makoto Kawashima – Naoto Nishizawa duo CD”Hamachidori” Homosacer records $18

Great duo with Kawashima on alto sax and Nishizawa  (Exias-J) who’s a percussionist and sound artist. Far from the usual ferocious playing, music has her a lot of space with Kawashima’s singular melodic and lyrical vibe.

Makoto Kawashima duo005

Andrew Chalk CD “Everyone Goes Home When the Sun Sets” Faraway Press $16

New album from Andrew and once again it comes in a lovely handmade gatefold jacket, please once again think about the amount of love and work.


Andrew Chalk CD “Everyone Goes Home When the Sun Sets” Faraway Press $30

This is the portfolio edition (multi panels), once again it’s handmade. Only a few !


Elodie CD ” Odyssee” Faraway Press SOLD OUT

Andrew Chalk + Timo Van Luijk

Comes in a handmade gatefold jacket with obi



Aoi Swimming CD “Top of the fancy” $20 only a few

Coming from the Sapporo  scene and now newly located in Tokyo, we have here the first true CD with the great diva of avant pop also known for her  funny videos.  She’s an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter cum performance artist playing toy keyboards, her weirdly plastic neon voice bounces witty, observant lyrics over pumping toy house rhythms.

Absolutely nuts and creative,  almost unknown on the western shores she was recently on a european tour co-starring with Otaco and Cup & Saucers  native friends  from Hokkaido.

Aoi Swimming CD009

Bibi & Tenniscoats 7′ “Tamashi / Akuma made todoku koe” Majikick $10

bibi tenniscoats

Makoto Kawashima CDR “Unification” Self Release $12

One more excellent release and quite intense performance from Kawashima, maybe a bit more physical from the previous releases.One new howler who slowly finds his own way…

Makoto Kawashima unification CD010






Kazuo Imai CD “For Tentou Mishima” Hitorri  $15

Kazuo Imai (born in 1955) studied with Masayuki Takayanagi and Takehisa Kosugi, and has been performing improvised music since the 1970s. While his principal instrument is the guitar, he also makes extensive use of viola da gamba, electronics, everyday items and natural objects, freely performing music born of myriad sounds. This album is comprised of five pieces from Imai’s live performance on the final day of a solo exhibition by graphic artist Tentou Mishima (who died in 2012), held at the gallery Nanzuka Agenda in Shibuya, Tokyo, in August of 2010. In the first track, which is over 40 minutes long, Imai uses an acoustic guitar, Fiedel Gamba, piano wire, branches and small objects, changing instruments and expressive techniques several times in the course of the performance. With its superb structure and dynamism, this epic work makes a powerful impression. In tracks 2 to 5 (each about 4 minutes long), Imai used (composed) Mishima’s drawings like scores and performed them on acoustic guitar. Imai’s outstanding artistry and skill are fully demonstrated in these amazing performances.


Junji Hirose “SSI-4” Hitorri $14

Junji Hirose became active on the free jazz/improvised music scene at the end of the 1970s. He has played the saxophone in a variety of groups and projects, including Masahiko Togashi’s band and Otomo Yoshihide’s Ground-Zero. But Hirose’s work is not limited to sax playing: in the 1980s he started performing noise music on his SSI (self-made sound instrument), an apparatus made from his collection of bicycle wheels and other everyday odds and ends. The sounds produced by hitting and scraping the objects are amplified via installed pickups, turning into complex, intricate layers of sound clusters that reverberate through the space. This is a live recording of two pieces performed by Hirose in January 2013 at Ftarri, Suidobashi, Tokyo, on version 4 of the SSI. You’re sure to be caught up in the whirlpool of dazzling sound produced by his truly unique self-made instrument.

Junji Hirose SSI 4

Cup & Saucers “Awesome” Self release $12

Formed in 2013, Sapporo guitarist and singer Miyuki Mori’s female duo Cup & Saucers, completed by Mari Watanabe on drum, belong to the same informal Sapporo underground network of intuitive, inventive and often funny young musicians, improvisors and video makers as Aoi Swimming and Shimettainu, with legendary drummer Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha, Lsd March..) acting as spirit guide. Cup & Saucers’ debut album Awesome, recorded at Sapporo’s Musical Bones Studio sometimes reminds as early Afrirampo band  with their childish voices but in a more rocky mood, sometimes a bit of Non Band or even some reminescences of Aunt Sally. We’re are very happy with modestly promoting the Hokkaido scene since  it’s still unheard here and it’s nice to discover some young musicians outside of the well known Tokyoïte scene. Cup & Saucers will grow up for sure,  please open your ears to new names and help the band with finding some european dates.

Cup & Saucers


Miyanishi Keizo The Hundred Devils 2CD “Japanese Original rock style” Pataphysique rec.$17

Comes in gatefold mini LP jacket with extensive bookletIt is a compilation and new front of the long-time artist (drawing) and musician, Miyanishi Keizo’s art work, music and poems till the present.
The Hundred Devils is his new band, and this first album is the absolute genre-less music.

Keiz o miyanishi003

Hideaki Kondo CD “Asyl” PSF  $16

Kondo on guitar and biwa, with covers of Berg, Miles Davis, Astor Piazolla. Just beautiful !

Kondo Hideaki Asyl CD001


Ché-Shizu CD ” Hi No Tamaki” Jigen $16

New album with Mukai Chie, Tori Kudo, Nishimura Takuya and Takahashi Tsukasa.Nice pych band that was originally formed in 1981 and as always is a combination of folksongs, covers and some free improvisations.


Tori Kudo CD ” Haikairoujin Sonota” 7e.p. 2014 $16

comes in a mini LP jacket with obi and booklet .What a stunning, odd album… From Maher Shalal hash Baz ‘ mastermind !

Tori Kudo CD 2014  Tori Kudo CD 2014 b

Maher Shalal  Hash Baz 2CD “l’autre cap” 7ep $20

Second CD with Jim O’Rourke

Maher shala l'autre cap

Maher Shalal  Hash Baz 3CD”C’est la dernière chanson”7ep $24

Maher Shalal C'est 3CD


Keiko Higuchi CD “Between dream & haze” Improvised Beings $10

With Masami Kawaguchi, Luis Inage (Majutsu No Niwa , Yakouchu), Tatsuya Nakatani.Maybe the most important step for Keiko, she could be considered like a japanese Diamanda Galas but here she’s going further with some great musicians covering some great classics such “Moon of Alabama ” with fire in the studio. Singular, maybe  sometimes it’s sounds too much but it merits to be heard

keiko higuchi

Itaru Oki – Axel Dörner CD “Root of Bohemian” Improvised Beings $10

itaru oki dorner

《《》》 [Metsu] featuring Saya(from Tenniscoats)& Shibata Satoko CD “Relay” Doubt $15

Oshima Teruyuki – guitar, bugeffects
Takeshita Yuma – electro-bass
Kayu Nakada- bugsynthesizer
Yuji Ishihara – drums, percussions
Saya – vocal
Shibata Satoko – vocal, acoustic Guitar


Taco 4CD “Box vol2 ” Super Fuji Comes with 47 pages booklet NM  sold

Second box with unreleased tracks from this crazy band centered around Harumi Yamazaki (Gaseneta), OHsato Toshiharu, Lolita Junko and Shiraishi Tamio

Their famous and mythic first album was released in 1983 on Pinakotheca label with the help of Ryuichi Sakamoto..Music is hard to describe because you don’t know what is coming track after track.

This second volume gathers some live performances from 1982 to 1985 with a lot of participants such Tori Kudo, Machida Machizo, Sato Kaoru, Fumio Kosakai, Goitsuka Ryo, Narita Munehiro and a lot more forgotten names from the underground scene. Chaotic, wild, funny, stupid, just enough to catch the breeze from the 80’s !

Taco box 2003

Search Ensembles CD  Search Ensembles – And Oar $10

Search Ensembles is a new evocative project of and/OAR founder / operator  Dale Lloyd presenting “sonic archeology”, unearthing forgotten and previously unreleased recordings from project participants’ archives, plus  new recordings to create a conceptually cohesive album.

For this release, Search Ensembles was:

– Alan Courtis: field recordings
– Cédric Peyronnet: field recordings, voice, objects
– Cyril Herry: objects, voices
– Dale Lloyd: field recordings, objects, percussion, production, slide whistle,
synthesizer, voice
– David Tobin: percussion, slide whistle, violin, voice
– Jani Hirvonen: electronics
– Jon Tulchin: field recordings
– Katerina Nejepsova: flute
– Loren Chasse: field recording, flute, percussion
– Michael Northam: field recordings
– Petr ‘Pedro’ Tuzar: guitar
– Phil Legard: banjo, drum, psaltry
– Slavek Kwi: analog echo, banjo, monotar, percussion, tapes
– Stuart Arentzen: electronics

Search ensembles

Tori Kudo / M. Suzuki / No. Plum / T. Mochizuki   CDR “O Caroline”  Live at Barasoo 2015/4/12 $25

Once again what an odd release with Tori, when the song is good, you can keep on playing it for hours (here it clocks around 35 minutes) Only a few, private and limited release

Tori kudo o Caroline001


Sir Ashleigh Grove CD “The Nimply Power Sessions” Siren records $12

Sir Ashleigh Grove, it would be people who are familiar with the UK noise scene of the ’80s is the throbbing chest to hear its name. Broken and Flag (and related) few songs that have been recorded in the compilation of, and without leaving the official sound source in addition to co-starring credits in ‘Live at Morden Tower (aka Seinsart) “of The New Blockaders, that from the scene to the boundary of 1984 disappeared Sir Ashleigh Grove (SAG). Its identity is that it was a pseudonymous leader John Mylotte of Metgumbnerbone is a well-known fact. So far, work of the SAG Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend, such as Ramleh, early 80s It has been compared to the artist to be categorized in the United Kingdom Power Electronics. At that time there was also criticism of the “vocal Opener Sutcliffe Jugend”, it is not a altogether mistakes when it comes to music surface. But interest in these artists is Nazism, serial murder, Marquis de such as contrast had been directed to Sado, SAG’s was interested in Edgar Allan Poe, H · P · Lovecraft, Arthur – It was the work of writers such as Conan Doyle. Also while many artists at the time of the Power Electronics is using a synthesizer, SAG is vacuum tube radio was used, function incomplete effector and in familiar available electronics, such as metal detectors, and the normal instrument I did not use. With the exception of the work that has been recorded in some of the compilation, but work of SAG was stored in his personal archive box, it has decided to this time release the Works by his own music selection. Although all seven songs that the album is what all was recorded in 1983 compared to, has passed more than 30 years from recording, since it is progressing deterioration of the original master tape, a recording of the current digital equipment Then, it has become a lo-fi sound enough to scaring. Still, it is a sound source should be recognized as a “lost treasure” in the early 80’s of the UK noise scene, it seems that time if these sound source long been officially released, might have changed the history of the United Kingdom noise This is the album that had the charm to. Sound quality adjustment and mastering, Phil Julian, also known for costarring with TNB was done in 2015. Double jacket (paper jacket), it is a specification that the insert card is attached which describes the complete discography of SAG. Limited 500 copies, gatefold with insert

Sir Ashley002 Sir Ashley004



Andrew Chalk CD  ‘A Light At The Edge Of The World’  Faraway Press : FP 025 $18

‘A Light At The Edge Of The World’ captures the fading essences and glow of ‘Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies’ Wave Serene’ (2012), in a single 40 minute piece for electric piano atmospherics.Its predecessor being an album of romanticised vistas, is concluded here in a restrained and delicate homage of poetic impressionism.

Mini CD slipcase with wooden spine on inner sleeve, clothbound spines, offset printed papers. Debossed motifs.These are all handmade,  no plastic, it’s really a given price for a such amount of work. Please think about it.

You can also order directly from Faraway Press in order to support directly the artist

Andrew Chalk CD2015 cut *



Naoki Miyamoto / Chie Mukai – Tetragrammaton CD “Ftarri Collection ” New $15

Ftarri 5001


Kito Mizukumi Rouber cs “Yumeno Kippuutino KMR” second pressing $12

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber cs Yume No Kippuuri Pas KMR


Incapacitants cassette “We shall return”  Deterra 2015 New $18

Edited during January 2015 using live and studio recordings from the late 1990’s as sound sources. Limited edition of 100 copies. Standard cassette case with 3-panel J-card, cassette with on-body print

. Incapacitants we shall002


Ruriko Asaoka CD “Ai Wo Utau”  DIW / Teichiku – Disk Union ltd ed $38

Originally released in 1970 with a Tanadori Yokoo artwork, comes in a nifty gatefold jacket with booklet.Well, Ruriko Asaoka is a star, I wrote a lot in the past about this release, this is one of my all time favorite album.This is the limlited Disk Union copy, comes with a second obi, a replica of the original obi. Only a few for true fetichists and I’m one of them

Ruriko Asaoka DU CD

Yakouchu CD “Yakouchu” Veltz New SOLD OUT

First CD with this band that appeared on PSF Tokyo Flashback 6 in 2007 and toured since with Overhang Party, Keiko Higuchi. Centered around female singer Madoka and Louis Image guitar + drums and organ, music is rooted in psychedelism with a light touch of Quicksilver Messenger Service influence, or like White Heaven with dreamy mid tempos. For psychedelic life, psychedelic people, a new name to discover !

Yakouchu CD001


Tori Kudo cassette ” Atlantic City” La musica Records 1996 EX $65

Tori kudo Atlantic city


V/A Substancials # 4 Book  + CD  2011 Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu New $28 160 pages with tracks from Jim O’rourke, Akio Suzuki, Keith rowe, Marcus Schmickler, Toshiya Tsunoda. English / Japanese

Substantials 04 Substantials 04 Substantials 04


Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka cassette “Eclipse in Berlin”  Nahàsh Atrym Prod. $10

Michel henritzi - Fukuoka Eclipse in Berlin

V/A Sounds for the Masses cassette Haang Niap Records $10

66 minutes with ODA takumi(Japan) / Torturing Nurse(China) / Rohco(Japan) / Nguyen Hong Giang (Vietnam)

Sounds for the masses


 Michel Henritzi & Fukuoka Rinji cassette “Berlin”  Anarchofreaksproduction New $10

Henritzi - Fukuoka cs Berlin


LSD March CD “Kimi no uta..” Donburi records 2013 New SOLD

Excellent album in a duo incarnation (Shinsuke Mishishita + Ikuro Takahashi) that covers last releases on Important rec. with reinterpretations and some unreleased tracks with an iresistible funky vibe. Funny, Hope we could hear more from them in a near future.

LSD March Cd

Angkanang Kunchai with Ubon-Pattana Ban CD  Em records NMint  sold

If you are in Luk Thung and Molam music, this is probably the release of the year, if you dig  thai voice with tremolo, khaen …Can’t stop playing it since it arrived.  This album represents a crucial moment in Thai musical history when the performance styles of Molam and Luk Thung were fused together for the very first time. Born in the province of Ubon Ratchathani in Isan (the northeastern region of Thailand), Angkanang Kunchai was a young female prodigy who emerged on the Molam scene, and became one of the first generations of Molam performers who were able to “sing” popular music.

Angkanang Kunchai  

Kiyoshi Mizutani & Kiyoharu Kuwayama CD ” Interlude” And-Oar $15 Kiyoshi Mizutani: feedback / Kiyoharu Kuwayama: handmade electronics, contact mic & mix

“and/OAR (via either/OAR) is very pleased to present what is without a doubt among the very best of both artist’s electronic-based work.
Throughout much of this highly charged release, brooding clouds of swarming tones and drones envelope the listener, either inducing a hypnotic trance or a deep contemplative listening state.”
 I totaly agree with the label,  this is the best music I’ve heard from these 2 muscians, like ferry boats lost in deep seas, some alienish birds falling in warm oceans, a nice ballet of feedbacks, very present but not too agressive.
mizutani kuwayama cd

Toshi Tsuchitori CD “the songs of the civil rights movements at Meiji period (1868-1926) –  Ryuko Gakusha NM SOLD One more beautiful release by Tsuchitori who sings and play all instruments : shamisen, percussions…Know as a free musician he had collaborated with Momoyama Harue and has been deeper in ancient instruments and now in old forgotten songs. Not experimental but if you are in minyo, in deep folkloric waters.

Toshi Tsuchitori CD

Chie Mukai & Che Chen CDR”2.23.11″ Ltd New $25

Very ltd tour CDr before the Lp…Nice collaboration, Che Chen is a young & talented musician.

Chie Mukai - Che Chen CDR Chie Mukai - Che Chen CDR


Toshi Tsuchitori 2CD “Azembo & Chido’s enka” – Ryuko Gakusha 2013 $48

beautiful release with some old enka tunes (pre WW2), vocal, shamisen and a lot more all played by Tsuchitori. This the heart of japanese soul with some minyo, folk incursions. Nothing experimental, just beautiful.

Tsuchitori Tsuchitori back


Nakahara Masaya CD “The Mix CD” Black Smoker records New $15

Masahaya Nakara  Masahaya Nakara

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber cassette ” Yume No Kippuuri No KMR”  Papa records / Chocolate Monk $15 Ltd to 100,  stupid, weird and funny

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber cassette

Zuno Keisatsu CD “Zuno Keisatusu 1” Hayabusa Landings 2012 NM $30 Comes in a CD-sized papersleeve album replica, with obi-strip and two inserts of notes. Japanese ur-punk/rock band formed in 1970 by Panta and Toshiaki Ishizuka ( who’s still playing with Tomokawa kazuki and has produced some of his early albums), known for their extreme left wings opinions.

Zuno Keisatsu CD

Zuno Keisatsu CD “Zuno Keisatusu 2” Hayabusa Landings 2012 NM $30 Comes in a MINi LP gatefold jacket

Zuno Keisatsu CD

Zuno Keisatsu CD “3” Hayabusa Landings 2012 NM $30 comes in a mini Lp gatefold jacket

Zuno Keisatsu 3

Jacks CD “Second Session” promo Disk Union Toshiba 2004 Mint $30 Originally released in 1968 Comes in a mini LP jacket with 2 obis

Jacks super session promo Jacks super session promo 2

ONNA  2CD “Eros” Bloody Butterfly 2001 EX+ $35

Fantastic set leaded by Keizo Miyanishi who’s better known as a manga cartoonist. Music is the link between Iuchi Kengo & Shoichi Miyazawa (the Rabbits and his solo album), on these hypnotic selections recorded in 1983 he was helped by Michio Kurihara (White Heaven – Ghost ). definitively the best release from ONNA who started in 1983 as a cold wave band. Gorgeous artwork, comes in a gatefold with inserts.

Onna Eros Onna Eros


Zenkoku ban! nippon minyō dai zenshū 15CD Box  Polydor $130

Massive collection, one of the most complete minyo collection with a lot of superb songs and musics covering all the folkloric vibes coming from Japan and its islands. Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Okinawa, Fukushima, Nagano…A lot of different instruments, voices, polyphonic singers..Highly recommended, heavy, comes is a plastic rack !

Minyo box Minyo box

Masahiko Togashi CDR (professionally duplicated) “Guild For human music”  – Columbia NM $30 rare & official released duplicated on demand for a short time, Guild for Human music was released in 1976 with Yoshio Ikeda, keiki Midorikawa, Masahiko Satoh, Toyuzumi, Shigeo Suzuki and a few more well known form the mid 70’s. One of my favorite Masahiko Togashi, rare edition .

Mashiko Togashi

Dohshimasu-Symphonia CDR “At kongoh juin 2011” NM  $15 Nice improvised ensemble conducted by Onnyk,  Morita Yasumasa, Kakusika Noziuke…Comes in a nice cover with vinyl like black CDR


Tokyo Suicide cassette La Musica Records LA-120 / 1996 NM SOLD

document from 1982 with Tori kudo just after the Snickers disbanded, a quick project / homage to Suicide – Alan vega and drum Machine.Psych punk group from Tokyo

Tokyo Suicide cassette La Musica Records  

Yamash’ta & The Horizon CDR “Sunrise from west sea “live”” – SEIDR – EX+  $85 Boot of a famous album originally recorded in 1971 with Takehisa Kosugi, Masahiko Satoh…I bought it 5 years ago on Ebay, SEIDR has also done someRallizes denudes. Printed on photo paper, printed CDR

Yamash'ta & The Horizon Yamash'ta & The Horizon Yamash'ta & The Horizon

Miki Minoru CD (digipak with booklet) The Music of Minoru Miki – vol 1 performed by Ensemble Nipponia – Westminster / Columbia new $25 Excellent and rare CD with Minoru Miki, an underrated composer who wrote many pieces for traditionnal instruments..But it doesn’t sound strictly traditionnel, you can hear some european influences…Just perfect for springtime, as good as Makoto Moroi but less austere . highly recommended ! Soud recording is exceptionnal, if you can’t afford the vinyl box, you should really give a try.

miki minoru P1150615  

Reiko Kudo CD Mikan – Hyotan 2013 – NM $ 20

Last album with Reiko’s songs like haikus and music played by her husband Tori and their son Namio. Once again less is more, fragile, strange, quiet, out of tune, freaked…Sweet.. Music is diverse and offers a large palette of instruments such guitar, organ, violin… Just FANTASTIC in one word, one more timeless album, Already my favorite album for 2013 ! Fold out cover / poster

Reiko Kudo mikan

Tori Kudo cassette single “net cafe mystery”   Uramado cassette Ltd ed to 100 $35

2 nice songs recorded in 2004 & 2011

Tzitziki cassette “Tapes” – Uramado cassettes 001 ltd to 100 NEW $65 TZITZIKI is Takuya Nishimura (Che-SHIZU, Maher Shahal Hash Baz, Pidjin Combo, Miminokoto) Kanji Nakao (Compostera, Maher Sharal Hash Baz, Umezu Kazutoki Band, NRQ) Yoshio Kuge (Pungo, Les Rallizes DeNudes, Compostera, AMUSIK) Tori Kudo (Che-SHIZU, NOISE, Maher Shahal Hash Baz)


Koichiro Watanabe CD “Matomete Abayo wo I wasete Moruse ” Super Fuji 2013 new SOLD OUT CD case comes in a splipcase with fold out insert. Reussie of a long out of print homage CD , it seems Super Fuji is going on deeper in 80’s  documents excavations and I must say many of these releases are just very nice  & even truly fantastic f you are in early years of the japanese post punk actions. Koichiro Watanabe was a musican who played with Tori Kudo eraly MSBH’s incarnation, Unltra Bide with Jojo, Fumio Kosakai and linked to Pinakotheca label. Once again it’s a mix of munk rock with electronics assaults, I must say I’m a huge fan of this kind of stuff, it’s really hard to catorize. It’s rocky, expremental,  sometimes songs oriented…But so wild and true ! If you are in recent  Satoshi Sonoda, Taco, Osato recent releases,

koichi ro watanabe

Yuriko Futaba CD “Kuradashi Rokyoku meijin sen 4” – 2000 King  NM with Obi $18 Originally released  in 1972. Futaba Yuriko is probably one of the most emblematic japanese singer, she’s just considered as a national treasure, she’s the queen or rokyoku / naniwa bushi style that was popular in the Meiji period (it ended in 1912). This music is very popular in Japan and was mainly played in radio programs until the  60’s, in fact it’s a mix of narrative ballads and enka songs with shamisen interludes and sometiems with a lot of environemental sounds. Futaba is just a monument, she’s probably hundreds of recordings and she’s not so well considered by theyoung generations because with her cheap kimonos she became the symbol of conservative ideas. On a musical level, it’s just unbelievable, it’s really melodramatic and very odd because it gathers so many things, even for non japanese readers you understand tragic stories, Futaba is a singer, an actress, hard to belive she’s behind all voices. Strangely with years, I can hear a lot of similitudes Mikami Kan, of course his lyrics are absolutely modern, personnal and poetic but on a formal aspect you can really hear where are his roots. I mean the actual Mikami, and the one’s from the late PSF period. Also, Futaba is a name to discover if you are in theatre and Cinéma for L’oreille, just close the eyes and you’ll see a movie. For those who aren’t  vinyls fetichists, I think these relases are a good start for cheap. Recommended

Yuriko Futaba 4

Yuriko Futaba CD “Kuradashi Rokyoku Meijin sen 27” KIng – NM with obi $18 Originally released in 1978

Yuriko Futaba CD 27

Yuriko Futaba CD “Futaba Yuriko Rokyoku no Miryoku 10 ganpaki no Haha” – 2007 – NM with obi $18 Originally released in 1977

Yuriko Futaba CD


Ikuro Takahashi CD Domori To Sanshu – Siwa –  silkscreened wooden slipcase with inersleeve & obi – NM $25 Excellent and beautiful release by Fushistusha’s drums section ! Ikuro has been active for years, he has played with all the japanese impro scene, he’s also a key member of LSD March. He’s an excellent percusionist but he has also some activiteies with cheap electronics; like electronic crickets….here we have 2 different aspects of his works….recommended !

Ikuro takahashi

Taco 4 CD box “Vol. 1 / amachan” – Super Fuji – Like new $55 DVD box size, comes with a 56 pages booklet. Harumi Yamazaki and Toshiharu Ohsato….A legendary band mostly known for Gasaneta and Taco first album on Pinakotheca. Materials here is rawer with some contributions from Tamio Shiraishi recorded in 1980 just after Gaseneta stopped, Tamio became then a major contribution to their noisy aspect. Dense, wild, amazing and with Ohsato box 4CD, one of the most true interesting  archives coming from the 80’s underground.

 taco box 2 taco box 3

Guys & Dolls cassette “Last” – La Musica $75 One the rarest among the band’s cassette, one more nice document…

Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD “The Archives Of Dizastar Sources 20 Discs ” – Ignuitas / Darch – NM $25

LTD to 100 , the first in a serie of10 x 2CD


Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD “The Archives Of Dizastar Sources 20 Discs ” – Ignuitas / Darch – NM $25


Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD “The Archives Of Dizastar Sources 20 Discs ” – Ignuitas / Darch – NM $25


Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD “The Archives Of Dizastar Sources 20 Discs ” – Ignuitas / Darch – NM $25


Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD “The Archives Of Dizastar Sources 20 Discs ” – Ignuitas / Darch – NM $25


Kito Mizukumi Rouber cassette “concertattheroalalberthall” – Rockatansky records – NEW $10 The trio is back ! Stupid, funny, rocky and recommended – LTD to 100


Sono Mari 3CD box ” Derrakusu – Mari Chan to deto” – 2007 USM – EX+without obi – $65 Nice out of print box with a lot of early songs from 1962, Sono Mari was one of the most nice gifted voice singer, she was one of the most lovely enka/kayo singer between 1965 & 1970, also signed on Polydor like Sachiko Nishida. Very interesting box because tracks from 1962 are not well known whereas the 2 others CDs are a nice compilation of her hits when she was at her peak. Already a collector, price is reasonable…


Tori Kudo & Rick Potts CDR “Ka-Bella-Binsky- Bongo !” ltd and numbered – DDS – Japon 2011 $75 Stunning freaked meeting between LAFMS & MSBH, as strange as the packaging is…Puzzled and freaked kind of jazz with guitar, organ,  voices, samples, after the first 5 minutes you’ll probably caught by surprise. Very nice because you can hear a true mutual understanding and a funny collision between 2 veterans of their own underground scene. I’d say, historic and far better : enjoyable, unprobable…Nicely done ! Numbered 149/150


V/A “Shinano ro no minyou” 11 CD box Private release – EX+ SOLD Fantastic box released by a  local Shinano Association,  Shinano was an old province of the actual Nagano prefecture on Honshu’s island, this box offers a lot of minyo/folkloric sides originally recorded & released as a LP box in 1977, these releases were only sold through the local small libraries.  There’s so much to hear here, from shakuhachi solos to some beaten shamisens, sometimes nicely recorded in their environment, there are also a lot of folkloric songs, sometimes it sounds like some incantations, sometimes there are some drunken men typical songs, rythmic transes with female demonic choirs, shamanistic characters , wild drumsand so much more…. A lot of mysteries, far from the usual clichés coming from the eastern world music collections, this is the typical and true folk recorded by and for  japanese. Strange in its true definition, absolutely out of time, Shinano was really important because of its central place on Honshu’s island, you can hear a lot of different influences and this box is quite a serious and complete document if you have opened ears and if you both like the folkloric side and the experimental one’s…and so nicely illustrated…

Uramado second anniversary CDR with Tamio Shiraishi, Tori Kudo, Yoshihide Otomo, Keiji Haino ltd and numbered EX/EX+ $120 Mega rare numbered 57/100 release from 2005 that compiles 4 tracks from 2003 to 2005 with 4 japanese stars, solos by Otomo, Kugo, Haino and one duo with Kudo & Tamio Shiraishi

Kaga Mariko CD “Aishiau Futari No Tame Ni Ai No Resson”- Warner 1999 – NM -$35 Originally released in 1971, one excellent and hard to find erotic release,  a nice soft pop album with french arrangements à la française, this highly addictive. Comes in nicely illustrated booklet, one of Tiliqua’s favorite and it’s quite easy to understand why… “Kaga Mariko was and still is a very famous actress in Japan but what hardly anyone knows is that while she was still a young nymphet she recorded this one off LP in 1971 when she was 28 years old. The album whose title translates itself as “Lessons in Love” sees Mariko embarking on an erotic French inspired vibe but instead of singing songs into being she fills up the whole of the compositions with private pillow talk, erotic one liners, girlie sexy mumblings and so forth. She knew she wasn’t cut out as a chanteuse and instead embarked on what she was strong in, becoming a love tainted young girl, exploring love in all its aspects through a journey towards the true one. Her voice is bewitchingly beautiful and even if she just fills every composition with her soft talking, it comes over as singing to these ears. Mariko was a vamp, one can her it and also judge it from the sexy pictures filling the gatefold. Coquette, ultra feminine, erotically charged and highly individualistic, she was the femme fatale of 1971 downtown Tokyo. The whole vibe reminds me a bit of the Kuwabara Yukiko LP, only that Kaga Mariko takes it a step further as far as talent, girl power, erotic vibrations and professionalism goes. One of the most obscure and highly sought after erotic records to seep out of Japan, copies just never surface – especially ones in top condition like this one here complete with obi and pin up poster. To make it even more mouth watering, this is the blue label promo copy. Fantastic LP, it took me only a decade to dig up my own personal copy and here is the first ever-complete copy I have to spare. Mint all the way, stunning both to behold and to get soaked into. Kaga Mariko is my personal Iroke Queen ” – Tiliqua


  Itoh Kiyoko & The Happenings Four CD “O Ganso” – Shinseido 2000 – ex+ / $35

Excellent and out of print with a lot of unreleased mixes with the lovely Itoh Kiyoko and nicely produced by Kuni Kawachi and his band. A lot of acoustic details with a slight touch of psych .


Reiko Kudo & Tori Kudo CD “Light” – Siwa – NEW – $10 Comes in a silkscreened slipcase and 10 inserts, it’s a shame it hasn’t become a hit, one of the best Siwa release and as usual the artwork is gorgeous. Music is just excellent with Reiko Kudo songs /.haikus and Tori brings a large palette of instruments, recorded at home with his approximative aspect. Highly recommended, it really merits a wider audience and NO PLASTIC

Keiji Haino mCD “Shruti Box”  – promo Not for sale – 1997 P.S.F – EX $50 The rarest Keiji Haino artefact and sadly it’s an excellent release from the gold period.


Sachiko Kanenobu Cd “Misora” mini Lp gatefold – EMI – EX+ $30 One great classic but this is the rare japanese edition CD,  this album was released during  the Japanese ‘folk boom’ and featured seminal figures Happy End and  Haruomi Hosono. Kanenobu was labeled the ‘Japanese Joni Mitchell’.

Ruriko Asaoka CD “Best” – Teichiku 2001 – Mint/ sealed  $20 Ruriko Asaoka has reached a cult status for year in Japan. She was a model,  an accomplished and well known actress and also one of the best singer since the 60’s. This compilation is a short introduction, there are only 7 tracks but that’s enough to go in heavens. These are true kayo songs with a lot of varied influences but Ruriko Asaoka has really a true voice, romantic and melancholic, someone you’d like to cherish. One of my favorite kayo singer, she even surpasses Meiko Kaji and consorts. Very rare,  if you wer disappointed with her, I’d accept a return !

V/A “Midnight Shinjuku” 2CD box – Coulumbia 2009 – NM – $40 Great idea with this box centered on Shinjuku…With Keiko Fuji (of course), Ogi Hiroko (one name to discover), Shinichi Mori, Matsuo Kazuko and many more…A lot of tracks,  34 to get immersed in the night with an extensive booklet.


Emergency CD “Homage to peace” – Digipak -America / Numbered – New  – $20 Nice collection by Universal side label. Glenn Spearman, Toyozumi, Takashi Kako, Bob Reid, Boulou Ferret recorded in 1970

V/A Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik Tour CD – C & P by Manifatture Criminali under license from La Musica – EX+ – $15

One forgotten and nice compilation with Mainliner, Musica Transonic, Tatsuya Yoshida, Ohkami No Yikan, Toho Sara…

Creation / Rinji Fukuoka cassette C46 “Creation”  – 1992 – EX+ – $40 Early rare recording by Rinji Fukuoka leader of Overhang Party. Deeply rooted in drone music with synths and guitars, you could already hear one aspect of his psyché side.

Creation (Rinji Fukuoka) cassette C46 “Music for the nerve maze garden 2” – MEDIUM 001  EX+ – $40 Second cassette and also rare, this early period has never been covered since 1993, with synths and violin, dedicated to Stan Brakhage.


Sweet Inspirations cassette “Life Affair Trust Music I” La Musica – NM $70

Toshi Ichiyanagi CD “Violin concerto /Rythm gradation/ Portrait of forest” – Camerata – NEW $15

Toshi Ichiyanagi

Les Rallizes Dénudés 2CD box “Critical Trip” – Univive – Mint $45

One of the last release by Univive and already sold out, this one has one gig from 1987.05.13 and another from 1974.07.13
Marble Sheep meet Maru Sankaku Shikaku 2CD Captain trip 2003 / NEW / $15
Naomi Tani CD “Modae no Heya” – Tiliqua – Mini Lp gatefold – EX+ / $50
Kahashi Katsumi CD “Paris 2” (1972) – Mini LP – USM / NM – $20
Kahashi Katsumi CD ” Paris – 1969″ – mini gatefold cover/ USM  – NM – $20
Masahiko Sato and Soundbreakers CD “Amalgamation” – Drone Syndicate / NM /$15
Bootleg, this one maybe a little more needed because the P-Vine edition is OOP for years and it’s a real curiosity if you are in free jazz psych funky rock things…and helicopters
Sono Mari CD “Hit Collection” 1998 Warner – EX+, obi is missing – $20
One rare compilation with 18 tracks part of a J-pop Hit parade collection, this is the best compilation in my opinion.
Well Sono Mari is one of great voice voice from the 60’s, delicate, graceful, it was the best Polydor years with Sachiko Nishida iconic singer. One of the loveliest singer, makes here a good appetizer…
Matsuo Kazuko CD “Husky voice at night” – Think/Victor 2006  no obi- $15
This album if one the most well know , it has a higher production than her “night mood collection” volumes, out in 1966 it became a classic japanese jazz release with its US post war mood with covers such like “my funny Valentine”. A Matsuo’s complement, music is laid back, lounge, an historic key piece but personnally I’m more in her earlier stuff.
Judy Ongg CD “Umi Kamome” – Hai San Records Taiwan 2007- NM – $25
Rare reissue a of a rare taiwanese album, with Judy Ongg starring in 1973 in the musical movie “Seagull /world of love”. Not the best sound quality, has some hiss but this 12 tracks album has a folk rural taste for moments, it akes a nice addition to Judy Ongg’s discography, far from her early years, closer to her native country.
Takako Uchida CD”Anata To Shinitai Watashi+Bonus tracks” – Teichiku 1996 – NM- SOLD
Sorry for te high price but this CD is very rare, first printing and rarer than Iany erotic release such as Ike Reiko’s Tiliqua CD.
The music is quite intimist and is quite unique if yo uare in erotic artefacts. Better than most of well known other nuded actresses with a more late night ambiance. Highly recommended, one of the best with Oh Ranfan & Ike Reiko CDS.
Ako Midorikawa CD “Yoidore onna no nagareuta” mini lp gatefold – P-Vine – EX+ -$60
Nice album by a great and quite unknown singer, a mix between Keiko Fuji and Michi Aoyama with some backed up voices from the Crown trademark.
Toru Takemitsu CD ” requiem of strings” – JVC 1988 – EX+$30
Second CD in this wonderful serie (came without obi) with Toshi Ichiyanagi on piano.  Tracklisting is really nice and sound is excellent, along with “In an Autumn Garden” volume this second volume is one of the best with “Solitude, “Textures”, “Arc for piano and orchestra”…
 Sono Mari 5CD+100 pages booklet “CD-Box” – Victor 2005 – Near Mint – $85
Fantastic rare and out of print Box with one of the greatest voice. Many early singles from the early/mid 60’s with Sono mari’s husky voice. A great and important piece if you are in enka/kayo music at its best.Out of print and essential if you are not in vinyls.
Sachiko Nishida – Box 5CD “Sachiko Nishida Kayo Daizenshu” – Universal 2007  – EX+ $70
Very nice complete box with one of the greatest singer from the mid 60’s to the 70’s. This box has almost 3 complete albums along with  many early singles. 5 CDS in slim cases housed in a slim outer box.
Toshi Ichiyanagi + Akiko Samukawa + Tomomi Adachi –  CD + mini CDR
Live Document “Hommage for Space” – Mint Limited edition of 100 – $75
Reiko Oshida CD in slimcase with obi “Onna Ha Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai” CBS Sony – 1994 NM $50
 – Rare CD of Reiko Oshida 1971 album. Terrible sexy actress and singer linked to the Pinky era period.  With such titles like I’m not a bad girl, No no no, what more could you ask for ?
Reiko Oshida “Love sweet’s error” – Sony /CBS
Cd version of  her 1973 album. Sounds more like soft pop than her first album but there’s a melancolic vibe all along the tracks .EX+ condition but Obi is missing $40
Hoburakin“Gosun no Isshou live” 1982 – Alchemy –  Punky rock, just imagine  Hijokaidan meeting  Tamio Shiraishi, playing under the table of a forgotten bar, searching after some instruments.No need of music for these childish songs. Drunken, degenerated and terribly friendly. ..Like new $15(or a few beers)
Tokio Hasegawa – CD “Rubaiyat” self released 2008 – Mint – $25
Member of the Taj Mahal Travellers, this release came out a couple of years without almost no distribution, quite a medidative and poetic music with voice and rebab
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