Chie Mukai LP

Chie Mukai + Justin Simon LP 45 rpm single sided ” 日 月” Mesh-Key

Limited edition of 300 copies. Each record comes folded inside thick Italian pastel paper, and each copy has been individually hand-decorated with a design in sumi ink by Simon. The jackets and two-sided inserts were silkscreened at The Circadian Press.

Composer and musician, best known for her underground improv-folk group Ché-SHIZU (PSF). Mukai has been an active improvisersince 1975, when she joined the East Bionic Symphonia group under Takehisa Kosugi in Tokyo. She has since collaborated with Keiji Haino, John Duncan, Agata Morio and many others. Her primary instrument is the bowed Chinese er-hu, but she also plays piano and percussion. Lovely, poetic, far too short but essential. 



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