Gotou 1st CD

Gotou CD ” Gotou” Self Release

Firt release by his trio coming from Sapporo, recorded by Richard Horner at Snowflake studio (LSD March, Tabata Mitsuru). This trio is a rock and punkish band, kind of homage to Malaria ! / Gudrun Gut german band from the 80’s. In fact they are not unknown muscians as one of the musician is Otaco whom we carried some her lo fi songs releases in the last couple of years. It seems there’s a specific scene in Hokkaido and kind of support and help between generations of musicians such Ikuro Takahashi, Aoi Swimming, Richard Horner, MC Mango and more recently Marusu, Meno (with Ikuro)…This is fun, energic and don’t say underground spirit  doesn’t exit anymore in Japan , Tokyo is just not the only place where something happens . A few copies, comes in a B5 leaflet full of pictures.


Gotou CD001


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