Takehisa Kosugi  new ltd LP Slowscan

Takehisa Kosugi LP “August 14, 1991” Slowscan

Edition of 300 copies, historical recordings from 1991, as the composer wrote “the music was performed by myself, solo. Recorded live at my former apartment in New York”.

Labels designed by George Maciunas, founder of Fluxus movement.

The live prerformance documented here is made using pre-recorded environmental sounds (birds) recorded in the city of Ferrara, in Italy, various noises [live broadcasting sound on WCbs Radio, New York], sounds from the actual performance [a plastic bottle in which a small microphone is installed for pick up voice & other sounds], Electronics [Audio Generator], effects [Time-delay Machine, Pitch Shifter] 

$30 Only a few, move fast

Kosugi lp slowscan front Kosugi lp slowscanback

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