Eddie Marcon CDRs

Eddie Marcon CDR EP ” Tenpinoma” Pong Kong


Hanepon CDR EP はねぽん Pong Kong

Solo by Eddie Corman


Dangerous Circus CDR Pong Kong

New project with Eddie Corman, Jules Marcon and Kensuke ide


Eddie Marcon CDR 染色 Pong Kong 2010

One of my all time favorite

sold out

Eddie Marcon CDR EP “Feruto No Tsuki” Pong Kong 2016


Eddie Marcon & Ikuro Takahashi  7′ EP “Storobo / Koushin” Pong Kong


Ikuro Eddie Marcon EP

Eddie Marcon 7 ” EP “Shoujo” Pong Kong


Eddie Marcon Shoujo-Fuwa Fuwa Ai

Arayots CDR “Michikusa-Syobon” Pong Kong

Eddie & Marcon (from Eddie Marcon) + Jun Muraoka (from Test Pattern) = Arayots.




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