Kousokuya – Jutok Kaneko – Tori Kudo

Kousokuya CD “Ray night” Ray Night Music 2007

Mick, Jutok Kaneko & Ikuro Takahashi with liner notes by Tori Kudo

Tokyo-based underground psychedelic rock group. Formed in 1978 by guitarist Jutok Kaneko out of the ashes of an older group called Kokugaiso. The group was associated with the Minor scene in the late 70s and early 80s. Kaneko passed away in January 2007, the band played as a duo for a couple of more dates but for more than a decade the band hasn’t played since . Probably one of the most underrated band from the P.S.F records era, they have often been compared to Fushitsusha but they were definitively unique


Jutok Kaneko + Tori Kudo CD “Duo live” Ray Night 2012

Comes in a 7′ inch jacket, dead stock, I don’t have many copies !

sold out

Kaneko Jutok CDR “Kaneko jutoko 1958-2007” Uramado 2020

Limited to 100, remastered, 4 solo tracks and a 10 minutes Kousokuya track


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