Naoki Zushi 2 CS set

Naoki Zushi 2 x CS Experement Music O.C.O. – Advaita Records

 In 1979, around the time Naoki Zushi joined Hijokaidan, he brought two demo tapes “EXPEREMENT MUSIC O.C.O.” one at a time to Drugstore, an ignition point of the Kansai underground at that time. The existence of these demo tapes was mentioned in interviews with G-Modern and others, but only a limited number of people have been able to listen to them, and although Zushi himself modestly describes them as “imitations and a little originality,” they contain a variety of songs that are the raw stones for the subsequent 1st to 4th albums. Also includes two takes of the original version of “For My Friends’ Sleep,” and intense guitar improvisation that is an important missing link considering the early Hijokaidan. We decided that there was no need for excessive embellishment, so the sleeve design is based on Zushi’s handwritten notes on the master tape, which was digitized by Nakamichi Dragon with minimal noise reduction and no mastering at all, thus perfectly reproducing the master tape from that time. We are convinced that the quality of songs is incredible for a 19-year-old Zushi, who recorded it at home in a small student apartment at the time, and that it is a work of his original landscape.


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