Chie Mukai & Yonju Miyaoka

Chie Mukai & Yonju Miyaoka CD “Songs of Trees” Tall Grass records

Comes in jewel case, with 8 page booklet and English translation kraft sheet.
artwork by Yonju Miyaoka
Lyrics translation by Alan Cummings
Long notes by Takuya Sakaguchi, Short notes by Alan Cummings and Yu Hirayama.

“Chie Mukai (Ché-SHIZU), an erhu player with a cult following in Japan and abroad, has been performing her unique style for over 40 years. And the newcomer Yonju Miyaoka, who has been quietly attracting attention both at home and abroad with his work on “Bunsuirei,” “Shuko No Omit,” and “Sayozoku”. These two artists of different generations, who naturally gravitate toward each other based on their aesthetics and sensibilities that they can somehow communicate without saying it out loud, have a chance encounter that transcends generations in their gentle, song-filled performances and mysterious songs. At times sharp and gentle, at other times fresh and simple, this is a journey into daydreams.”
Text by Tsunaki Kadowaki (Meditations). If there’s only one thing I can add is how I’d have loved to have it released on An’archives….


Sayozoku CD “星 Studio” Tall Grass records

Sayaka Tenjin – vocal, percussion, instruments
Yonju Miyaoka – vocal, guitar
Yasuo Kikuchi – Bass


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