Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki LP

Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki LP “Tomoyuki Aoki & Harutaka Mochizuki LP” Nashazphone

Vinyl LP pressing. Reissue of the now long sold-out debut album (2014) by the guitar and saxophone duo of Aoki Tomoyuki (Up-Tight) and Harutaka Mochizuki. Initially limited to 200 CD copies only, this record features nine, reverb drenched, mourning pieces characterized by this duo’s specific melancholic language via guitar and alto saxophone. Immediately evoking the Velvet Underground inspired electric and echo filled ballads of Les Rallizes Dénudés, it is also augmented with haunting horn improvisations simultaneously reminiscent of Anthony Braxton and Kaoru Abe.

This is one of my favorite album recorded in the last decade !


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