Daisaku yoshino & Shin Otowa

Daisaku Yoshino CD/LP “Lamp Manufacturing Factory” Super Fuji

Daisaku Yoshino’s early work “Yoshino Daisaku Lamp Manufacturing Factory” (independently released in 1974), which has continued to perform live mainly in Yokohama since the early 70’s, later became popular mainly in Europe as a masterpiece of acid folk. high and well known. Expressing a philosophical world of poetry reminiscent of modern poetry with straight American rock, dynamic and thirsty country rock, and acid-folk techniques, they were evaluated as “Jacks Meets Sunset Band”. Hideyuki Tanigawa of the legendary rock band “Oh! Morning Band”, who overwhelmed Tokyo bands at the 70’s Yokohama guitarist Takashi Asayama and Noon Hibiya’s rock festival and was highly praised by Makoto Kubota.

LP $39

or 2CD $29 deluxe edition

Shin Otowa LP/CD “Wasuregatami” Super Fuji

“Wasuregatami” is an independently produced album (1974) by Makoto Otowa, a singer-songwriter who is known for providing the lyrics to Kubota Makoto’s first solo album “Machiboke” (1973). It can be said that this work is a pair album with “Machiboke” with the same lyrics and different songs at the beginning and end of the B side. Starting with Makoto Kubota, who made full use of the 12-string guitar and contributed to the overall sound so much that it could be said that she was the producer, Hiroma Fujita, who creates a fantastic space with a slide guitar, and Takashi Onzo, who has a calm and breezy bass. The members of the Yuyake Band, such as , will play the entire performance, and although they are simple, they will expand the world of Otowa’s songs richly and greatly, inviting our consciousness to the world that spreads far beyond “the other side”, but It gives you amazing peace of mind.

LP (comes in a nice tip on jacket) $39 or CD $22

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