Makoto Kawashima CDs

Makoto Kawashima CD “Homo Sacer” P.S.F records 2015

First album (since re-released on vinyl by black Editions) and last CD on the legendary P.S.F records label


Otomo Yoshihide – Makoto Kawashima CD Duo – Homo sacer

Fantastic meeting between 2 generations


Makoto Kawashima CDR Circle – Curve $15

Makoto Kawashima CDR Solo- Unification


Ochibonoame CD “Syuyukan” – Homo Sacer

Second release


Ochibonoame CD “Ochibonoame” – Homo Sacer

Ochibonoame is trio with Makoto KawashimaLouis Inage & Naoto Yamagishi

Fantastic first meeting, free and it leaves me breathless !


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