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Michael Ranta “Azabu” Metaphon

CD and 8 page booklet in gatefold cardboard sleeve
Edition of 500 copies

Even though only being fully terminated 50 years after its conception, ‘Azabu’ can be regarded as the starting point of Michael Ranta’s creative self-discovery. The recordings that form the base of ‘Azabu’ were mostly made in the Tokyo district with the same name (Azabu-Juban). Next to abstracted field recordings ‘Azabu’ is also pervaded by a rich variety of percussion, string and wind instruments, all played by Ranta himself. Subsequently Ranta edited, layered and processed the recordings at the NHK electronic music studio in Tokyo. Both pieces display a vast array of acoustic, electronic and concrete sound events meticulously sequenced to a complex fusion symbolizing the entire spectrum of earthly and heavenly sounds. Dynamic extremes evoke a restless flight through space, or through the depths of human subconsciousness, between dream and reality. Ultimately the music disappears, like a dot in the sky gradually fading into nothingness – an “ascension” that closes the loop in a ritual of life that can begin anew again at any time.

Michael Ranta: composition, performance, mixing (1971)
Stefan Deistler: final mixing and mastering (2021)

Like all the Michael Ranta albums, we highly recommend this one !


Michael Ranta – Mike Lewis – Conny Plank 2CD box “Mu” -Metaphon

Previously unreleased studio material from 1970 recorded a few months after the legendary ‘Wired’ session.

Hardboard linen CD box contains 2 CD’s and a 28 page booklet with biography text and notes (in Dutch, German and English) from Michael Ranta. Second edition.


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