Faust feat Keiji Haino box 2LP+CD

Faust feat Keiji Haino box 2LP+CD This is the right path – Old Heaven books

Jean-Hervé Péron – 人声 Vocals / 贝斯 Bass / 原声吉他 Acoustic Guitars / 小号 Trumpet / 水泥搅拌机 Cement Mixer
Werner “Zappi” Diermaier – 鼓 Drums

特邀嘉宾 Very Special Guests:
Maxime Manac’h – 键盘 Keyboards / 吉他 Guitar/ 煤气罐 Gas Cylinder / 手摇风琴 Hurdy-Gurdy
灰野敬二 Keiji Haino – 人声 Vocals / 电吉他 Electric Guitars / 电子设备 Electronics
魏籽 Wei Zi, Tina, 郦亭亭 Li Tingting – 针织行为表演 Knitting Performance

Comes in a heavy box with full illustrated booklet ltd to 350

Black or silver vinyls


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