Obi CD On Chitou Jichi

Taika CD On Chitou Jichi -Taika Fasciation

Obi, a two-piece rock band based in Tokyo. The sound image that crosses psychedelic, post-punk, industrial, folk, Thai pop, and Japanese folk songs is eaten up by all kinds of environmental sounds recorded in the field in life, but in the style of “rock band”. catch the light. The hi-hat is removed from the drum set, and the drum pattern, which is built around the toms, detours to an industrial sound by hitting iron plates instead of cymbals, gradually becoming like a festival music. The restrained two-piece style leaves room for electric drills, tinkling bells, and all manner of metal percussion, while the muffled guitars and kobushi songs tie them all together as kayo. After losing its privileged position in youth culture, this work by the duo Kawaramono, who are trying to expand the possibilities of “rock bands”, “Miiketo Jichi”. What dwells in it is the erroneous translation of Western culture, the “rock band,” the movement to localize it, and at the same time, extremely orthodox cultural forces.


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