Ultra Bide LP

Ultra Bide LP The Original Ultra Bide – P-Vine

A band tha tsounds like a traffic accident, a ferocious synthesizer, and BIDE’s nonsense lyrics. Collecting the sound sources of “Ultra Bide”, which was active as a central member of Kansai NO WAVE from 1978 to 1980, the album released from Alchemy Records in 1984 is finally remastered and reissued! Ultra Bide is a quartet consisting of JOJO Hiroshige, who later formed Hijokaidan, Taiqui, who became the drummer for Ain Soph, BIDE (HIDE), who is still active in Kyoto, and Koichiro, who was a member of MaherShalal Hashin the early days. The phenomenal sound that had already established avant-garde punk in 1978 was not only cutting-edge at the time, but also the ultimate originality that had a great influence on the underground scene such as punk, noise, and psychedelic. ! It is also known that Oshiri Pen Pens respects them as the most influenced band.


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