C.C.C.C. LP Reflexive Universe

C.C.C.C. LP Reflexive Universe – Urashima

Deluxe vinyl LP version. Limited edition to 199 copies ** C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) is a legendary Japanese noise music collective that was founded in Tokyo in 1989. The group originally had four members – Mayuko HinoHiroshi HasegawaFumio Kosakai, and Ryuichi Nagakubo – who are known for their unique approach to noise music, and quickly gained a reputation for their intense and chaotic live performances. The group’s sound is characterized by its use of high-volume, distorted noise, feedback, and electronics, as well as their incorporation of unconventional instruments and objects. Beyond their music, members of C.C.C.C. has also been involved in a variety of artistic endeavors, including film, performance and installation art.
C.C.C.C.’s “Reflexive Universe” cassette, released on the Japanese label Vanilla Records in 1991, is a must-have for fans of Japanese noise music. The cassette features one track intense and immersive noise, showcasing the group’s unique approach to sound and experimentation. The album is a 23-minute epic that builds from a fast, almost hypersonic opening to a wall of noise that seems to encompass the entire universe. Recorded live at Maya in Kobe on September 15th, 1991 only with two members performing – Mayuko Hino at electronics and voice  plus Hiroshi Hasegawa at synthesizer and electronics. The performance is a testament to the group’s innovative and boundary-pushing approach to sound, and a reminder of the enduring power of noise music as an art form, and Vanilla Records label has done an excellent job of capturing the raw and visceral sound of the group’s live performance.


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