Bunsuirei / Yonju Miyaoka

Bunsuirei CD ” First gig” Tall Grass records

re-release on pressed CD (ltd to 200) of their first CDr that came out a few months

Bunsuirei is a trio leaded by Yonju Miyaoky who’s 25 and live now in Osaka. Yonju who’s suffering from schizophrenia is a regular collaborator of Chie Mukai and that band opened a few times for Ché Shizu. Yonju is definitively a new name to discover who’s deely rooted in the 90’s scene, from Tori Kudo to Fushitsusha, Kousokuya and early Miminokoto. This CDr is more pop / folk oriented with a singular sensitivity. You probably understood we love him here as we regularly mention his name for months. other members here are Haruki Sakurai, Morio Tagami. Yonju is a name that will probably grow up in a near future and now we can tell An’archives is now working on a LP project with Yonju’s early band.


Bunsuirei CDR “Dreamy” Tall Grass

Comes with liner notes and songs both in Japanese and English

Second album just made by Yonju Miyaoka who’s the leader of the band. He’s now regularly playing with Chie Mukai, everytime I hear his songs, he reminds me so many names as Tori Kudo, Ché-Shizu but Yonju has a true singularity and “vision”. He’s the younger generation who’s coming and you’ll hear from him on An’archives in the next months..

Ltd CDR , we only have a few- $15

Totemo Cha cs “Pupil pillar” Ocirco records

Solo project from Yonju Miyaoka, ltd cassette with Yonju’s recordings when he felt bad and had a heavy treatment for his schizophrenia. Vocals, guitar, loops;


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