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Homei Yanagawa is a japanese alot saxophonist who’s active for more than 3 decades, maybe his most well known project is Dislocation as one of their first CD was released on P.S.F records and later they had an album on Fusetron. He’s a discreet player, recording a lot and sadly hus music is not really popular to western ears. He’s really someone to discover. All CDrs are nicely made with great attention and we only have a very few of each

Moon Like Lapis CD Untitled – 1998

What a find it is as this is the only recording and hard to find for years of this trio with Homei Yanagawa, Wataru Hayakawa (guitar and voice-cry out), Tadanaki Miura (guitar tape and voice-cry out)

Comes with a 36 pages booklet…Free, avant rock, noise, that’s a thing


Yanagawa Yoshinori (Homei) & Hayakawa Wataru CD “Jashin-Fushi’ Gonkuonsya

Great classic that was released in 1997


Moqu & Homei Yanagawa CDR” Unreleased tracks of Grind the Air” Gonkuonsya

Outtakes of the 2004 sessions Moqu = もQ , remastered in 2021


Homei Yanagawa CDR “Dream of Butterfly” Gonkuonsya

New solo recorded in 2021


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “tiny souls of self sacrifice” Gonkuonsya

alto sax + drums & percussions, poetry reading by Chieko Hiramatsu


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “Yotsuya Kwaidan” Gonkuonsya

sold out

Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “After it’s gone” Gonkuonsya


Homei Yanagawa & Meg Mazaki CDR “Botan Dourou” Gonkuonsya

sold out

Heal Roughly + Take-Bow CDR “We’ll heal you in a rough and fierce way” Dual Burst

Heal Roughly are : Homei Yanagawa + Meg Mazaki – Take Bow is the guest and he’s a versatile guitarist from Kyoto


Yanagawa Homei + Nomichi Kouji CDR “Ban-Tan”

alto and tenor duo recorded in 2020


Homei Yanagawa 2CDR “Musaishoku-no-jubaku / Koushin no yoru “Gonkuonsya

beautiful homage to Hayakawa Wataru (1974-2005), calligrapher.
Disk 1 recorded on October 25, 1998 at Kuku (Sakae, Nagoya). Originally released as GO-06.
Disk 2 recorded on January 9, 2006 at K.D. Japon (Tsurumai, Nagoya). Originally releaased as GO-08.


Homei Yanagawa CDR “2016” Gonkuonsya

With Niida Bungo, Fujita Ryo, Yoda Takumi, Sato Shigeru, Ishii Masanori


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