Angel’in Heavy Syrup LP

Angel’in Heavy Syrup LP Angel’in Heavy Syrup – P-Vine

Legendary girls’ psychedelic & progressive rock band, “Angelin Heavy Syrup”, which is still highly acclaimed worldwide, first of all 4 out-of-print titles. Kansai underground scene solitary female psychedelic band! A single, richly colored flower that bloomed in the Kansai Underground in the early 90’s. A psychedelic/progressive female band unparalleled in the world, too early “Yoka no Kirameki”. Firstly release on Alchemy Records


Angel’in Heavy Syrup 7″ 僕と観光バスに乗ってみませんか / 春爛漫 – P-Vine / Alchemy record

2 covers of Doji Morita !


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