Sekiri LP

Sekiri LP “Push push Baby – Love star” – P-Vine

赤痢 (Sekiri; literally “Dysentery”) is a Japanese female punk band (with Aya Onishi whol later joined the Nihilist Spasm Band), formed by four 13~14-year old pervy punk girls in Kyoto in 1983 and disbanded in 1995.

Reissue of this 1987 album, this one  incorporates elements from hardcore to pop tunes and even ethnic music.


Sekiri 7′ single”Sekiri” – P-Vine

Released in 1985 from BEAT CRAZY RECORDS, the debut EP “Shigetsu” is a 7-inch EP with a special jacket just like the original, and a valuable lyric card is also attached!

One of the best girl punk bands formed in Kyoto in 1983. The lyrics of “Yumemiru Omanko” recorded in the first 7-inch EP “Dysentery” released in 1985 caused ripples and left a strong impact. Since then, he has continued to work as an independent artist without making major debuts, constantly releasing works. Until 1995, they were active mainly in the Kansai region, and of course they had a great influence on girl bands at that time and later.


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