Phew LP

Phew LP Phew – P-Vine

●Why did cutting-edge musicians around the world want to create “sounds” under Conny Plank at that time? Kraftwerk and Neu! The album “Phew” (1981 release) was produced at the legendary Connie’s Studio, which produced masterpieces by , DAF, and Eno, with former Arnt Sally’s Phew.

●Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit, ex-members of the German rock band Can, which has a great influence on techno and post-rock.

●Connie Plank’s outstanding engineering and Holger Czukay’s unique editing skills make this novel sound world sound solitary and unfading even today.

●Complete edition by German original editing including unreleased song “Kodomo”.


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